Hey my loves,

Do you ever find yourself trying to “rush the process?” Being impatient and walking in fear will not speed up the process of growth. It is essential to know that you must go through the process first before the purpose can manifest.

Today was truly an eye opener on many things, including the true meaning of Fall of change and acceptance. Someone once said, “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” That statement is so true. Not only does it give us a time to let dead things go, it is also a time to accept change and let go of the heavy things that aren’t meant for you to carry around.

My October Affirmations

“I am ready to face my inner desires, truths, and fears. I release my anger, resentments, and anything that limits me or holds me back from reaching my full potential. I am hopeful and look forward to the future.”

“I know to always choose progress over perfection. I am happy and grateful that things are falling perfectly into place with more opportunities, success, and joy than ever before.


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I talk more about Process + Purpose on my podcast ‘The Zip Code.’ Be sure to listen and subscribe!! 💗💚  —> The Zip Code: Process + Purpose


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