Image is Everything: How Brand Expert Ms. JGray Founded The First Black Owned Beauty Management Agency

Ms. JGray leads the day-to-day operations of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle divisions. Highly regarded as one of the industries youngest but most respected publicist in the business, Gray has been instrumental in developing and overseeing numerous brands and talent images. Ms. JGray and I discussed branding and marketing, producing, and business advice for entrepreneurs.


Ms. JGray, International Public Relations Expert + Brand Manager

How did you get started in branding and marketing?

JG: “I got my start in Marketing, specifically Public Relations at Cal State Dominguez Hills. It was my senior year and I was on track to graduate and become an English teacher. I happened to be watching the TV show “The Game” on BET and was exposed to a publicist. I instantly fell in love with the field. I watched a young black woman garner press, broker deals and help others achieve their life goals. I knew immediately this was the industry for me. I changed my major and found an internship in PR. Once I graduated, I landed a JR Publicist gig and worked my way from the bottom up. Now I own the first and only black owned, operated and black beauty advocating marketing and management agency, Image Is Everything.”

Recently you just produced your first commercial! What did you learn and what was it like?


JG: “Yes, I executive produced my first commercial! I learned “team work makes the dream work”. Lol, often times we try to be super heroes and take on the world alone. That was the case in this project. I wanted to learn every role, so I played every role and paid for it lol.”



What is the best business advice you ever received?

JG: “Don’t seek advice from people who haven’t been where you are going. Do you see a truck driver asking directions from the mailman? No…a truck driver travels the world; a mailman drives the same route daily. Some people are for venting and some are for council.”

Tell us your four ways you think runs a successful brand/business

JG: “To have a successful brand you must be authentic, determined, driven and a little crazy lol. Crazy people never give up!”


Has learning from a mistake ever led you to success?

JG: “I don’t believe in mistakes. I think there are experiences and lessons that are derived from those experiences. I learn from everything I do, and even things I don’t do. I learned how the lack of action can lead to losing opportunities.”


What is the key to being successful?

The key to being successful is defining your own success. Then and only then will you ever know when you have truly succeeded.”



What can we look forward to from you in 2019?

JG: “Where has the year gone! 2019 is almost over. You can expect to see Image Is Everything expanding once again! We will be opening a new office in Atlanta, Georgia and continuing to advocate for women of color in the beauty industry. To stay up to date be sure to join our mailing list at and follow me on Instagram.”

About J Gray


Ms. JGray leads the day-to-day operations of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle divisions of Image is Everything Public Relations and Brand Management.  Highly regarded as one of the industries youngest but most respected publicist in the business, Gray has been instrumental in developing and overseeing numerous brands and talent images.

In her earlier years, Gray attended California State University Dominguez Hills where she majored in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. While attending there she accepted her first public relations position serving as Public Affairs Commissioner for Associated Students, Incorporated, a non-profit 501c3 entity of the University. An accomplished leader, Gray served as chapter President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Her leadership goes far beyond her local chapter as Gray also served as Regional Secretary during regional conference and continues to embody the Sorority’s mission, “Service to All Mankind.”

Prior to IIE-PR, Gray’s PR skills were groomed at PMK BNC, Domain PR, Branding & Marketing PR and Trea Day Management & Publicity. Gray served as the Publicity Coordinator to MTV’s Caitlin O’Connor and American Idol’s Tim Urban also working with QVC’s K-Dash, Rachel Zoe, Kris Jenner, MAC Cosmetics, T-Mobile, Beats by Dre, Michael Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals, Larry Callahan and Selected of God, Andrew Lander and The NAACP.  

As Founder and Directing Manager of IIE Gray represents clients across all industries. She is dedicated to a global perspective of the public relations field and to educating herself on the industry’s latest trends. Gray is committed to sharing her knowledge of public relations as well as things she’s learned while working in the fashion and beauty industries with fellow female entrepreneurs helping them use PR to build and business and brand they love.


About Image Is Everything

IIE specialize in creating inclusivity in the beauty industry. We act as a resource for the media and high-profile beauty brands seeking to educate and diversify their audience. We create financially lucrative partnerships between our Brand Management clients and main stream beauty brands, insuring women of color are equally represented in the beauty industry. Simultaneously, IIE leverages our media relationships to have our public relations clients (beauty brands) highlighted in the press creating brand awareness while educating the world about beauty brands that cater to women of color.

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