The Future is Female: 140 Women Who Will Inspire You, Vol. 2

Six months ago I compiled the first list of 140 Women Who Will Inspire You. It was a way to acknowledge all the women whom I admire and have paved the way for our future female leaders. The feedback from the first list was phenomenal. Take a look at the women who was featured on the first list of The Future is Female: 140 Women Who Will Inspire You

Now I present to you… The Future is Female: 140 Women Who Will Inspire You VOL.2 

 The unique part is all the women that are listed below are a plethora of powerful voices ranging from CEO’s, authors, entrepreneurs, artists, stylists, designers, podcasters, MUA’s, attorneys, doctors, nurses, bloggers, life coaches, engineers, educators,  influencers, philanthropists, and mentors. Below is a list of women who will definitely leave you inspired and motivated in 2019.



  1. Ashley Bougere (Brown), Realtor
  2. Devi Brown, Author 
  3. Apryl Steadman Beverly, Founder of Word Stylistz
  4. Loretta Trenise Rainey, Sno Carnival 
  5. Cavasia  Jeane, Chef & Entrepreneur 
  6. Ms. JGray, Brand Expert
  7. Angel Mills, Angel Mills Brand Strategy
  8. Tradia With The Tea, Radio Personality
  9. Autumn Myers, Founder of Queen Sessions
  10. Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, CEO of EnRichHer
  11. Jame Jackson, Media Influencer
  12. Nia Peters, Author & CEO of W.O.W.
  13. Lakia Brandenburg, The Wife Coach
  14. Meera Klemola, Co- Founder of Observ
  15. Ciera Payton, Actor & Entrepreneur 
  16. Cassandra Fitter, Fitness Influencer
  17. Larrika Lodge, Educator 
  18. Mellenie Browne, Fluffy Ain’t For Me LLC.
  19. Ciara Weary, CeeSpeaks & Educator
  20. Michelle Sprott, Creator of Brunchnista
  21. Milan Mobley, CEO of Umanagament Public Relations Agency
  22. Sillie Mugo, Artist
  23. Keturah Bobo, Illustrator
  24. Jessica Robinson, Justini Cocktails Bartending Service
  25. Shanti Bloodworth, Author & Podcaster
  26. Christine Michel Carter, Agency Consultant
  27. Vanessa James, VJ Media
  28. Sonhara Eastman, Screenwriter & Producer
  29. VERNIQUE, Radio Personality
  30. Narie Roberson, Entrepreneur & Owner of Narie Sade Studio
  31. Karleen Roy, Founder of The Vanity Group
  32. Danielle Tuwano, Author & Keynote Speaker
  33. Brandi Stampley, Brandmii Enterprises
  34. Samantha Denae, Endo Educator
  35. Sarah J. Halstead, Comedian & Podcaster
  36. Asia Monae, Entrepreneur
  37. Natasha “Tottie” Weston, Founder of BrandYou HQ
  38. Cherise Scott, Realtor & Blogger
  39. KieraPlease, Social Media Personality
  40. Evelyn From The Internets, Video Creator 
  41. Katrina Rollins, Nurse Mid-Wife
  42. Elizabeth Acevedo, Writer
  43. Jasmine Mans, Writer & Poet
  44. Raynell Steward, CEO of The Crayon Case
  45. Anaya Roderick, Media Influencer
  46. Vantasia Brumfield, Media Influencer
  47. Cara Alwill Leyba, Author & Creator of The Champagne Diet
  48. Jasmin Brown, Actress & Creator
  49. Simone Shepherd, Comedian
  50. Jesseca Dupart, CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products 
  51. Necole Kane, Founder of
  52. Mattie James, Media Influencer
  53. Dana Chanel, Founder of Sprinkle of Jesus
  54. Mandy Williams, Hairstylist & Entrepreneur 
  55. Miracle Turner, Speaker 
  56. Raye Boyce, Media Influencer 
  57. Ashley Carter,  Fashion Blogger
  58. Olori Swank, Stylist & Entrepreneur
  59. Shaa B., Author & Poet
  60. Chanelle “Nelly” Graham, Comedian & Media Influencer
  61. Sarah Jakes Roberts, Ministry & Influencer
  62. Destiny Owusu, Fashion Model
  63. Maya Washington, Producer and Media Influencer
  64. Lindsay Lawless, Founder of Boss Women Community
  65. Rhonesha Byng, CEO of
  66. Lizzo, International Singer
  67. Lauren Dailey, Business Mentor
  68. Alechia Reese, Creative Brand Strategist
  69. Tiffany O. Jackson, Author
  70. Taneisha Naylor, Writer & Publishing Coach
  71. Luvvie Ajayi, Author and Blogger
  72. Nakia Stephens, Screenwriter
  73. Myleik Teele, CEO of Curlbox
  74. Stormy Wellington, Millionaire Coach
  75. Nneoma, Media Influencer
  76. Gia Peppers, Media Influencer
  77. Franchesca Ramsey, Actor & Author
  78. Zipporah Joel, Artist
  79. Jasmine RaShae, Lifestyle Blogger
  80. Paris Hatcher, Lifestyle Blogger
  81. Britney Marie Harris, Speaker & Millennial Motivator
  82. Whitney Revader, Food Service
  83. Catherine Ochun, Brand Management
  84. Paris DelMaraco, Artist 
  85. Shay Arthur, Director
  86. Alandria Lloyd, Certified Life Coach
  87. Karri Turner, Ministry
  88. Kennedy Keyonce Johnson, Media Personality
  89. TokyoVanity, Media Influencer and TV Personality
  90. Tweety Elitou, Lifestyle Writer
  91. Narcisse Burchell, Creative Strategist
  92. Sheba Turk, News Anchor
  93. Hannah R., Creator of
  94. Sol Galeano, Artist
  95. Caroline Kepnes, Writer
  96. Ross Da Boss, Entreprenuer
  97. Briki Chaney, The Brick House Boutique
  98. Maya Goddess, Founder of Goddess Juices
  99. Alex Wolf, Tech Philosophy
  100. Eryn Allen Kane, Musician
  101. Angie Thomas, NYT Bestselling Author
  102. Jenna Kutcher, Host of TheGoalDigger Podcast
  103. Jenny Han, NYT Bestselling Author
  104. Jade Colin, Business Management
  105. Claire SulmersCreator of Fashion Bomb Daily
  106. Erica Nicola, Founder of YfsMagazine
  107. Upile Chisala, Author
  108. Jerrelle Guy, Chef & Author
  109. Reese Evans, Certified Coach
  110. Amber Wagner, Media Influencer
  111. Nicaila Host of SideHustle Pro
  112. Shampaigne Graves, Blogger
  113. Jessica Cain, Media Influencer
  114. KaShauna Samone, Radio Personality
  115. Ashley M. Fox, Financial Education Specialist 
  116. Naomi Thomas, Entrepreneur 
  117. Tara James, Paper Goods Illustrator
  118. Nene Cooks, CEO of Nexquisite Entertainment 
  119. Lola Akinkuowo, Educator & Creator 
  120. Curtrice L. Williams, Author 
  121. Renae Bluitt, Creative/Executive Producer
  122. Kia Marie, Content Creator
  123. Kahlana Barfield Brown, Journalist 
  124. Curissa De’Leon, Lifestyle Blogger 
  125. Amanda Lovelace, Bestselling Author
  126. Kimya Motley, Educator & Advocate 
  127. Elaine Welteroth, Author and Media Influencer
  128. Kafia Haile, Filmmaker & Visual Artist
  129. Ivy Ejam, Entrepreneur & Author 
  130. Lena Waithe, Writer & Producer
  131. Lisa Knowles-Smith, Musician
  132. Tamiko Lowry Pugh, Life Coach
  133. Jenell B. Stewart, Blogger & Coach 
  134. Yrsa Daley-Ward, Bestselling Author
  135. Jessica Williams, CEO of True Colors Marketing Firm 
  136. Rachel Bryant Lundy, BrideConfesses
  137. Jessica Torres, Style Blogger
  138. Grace Lever, Coach & Entrepreneur 
  139. Joresa Blount, Producer of Celeb Locale
  140. Alycia Morris, Literary Consultant


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  1. Chasity says:

    Congrats ladies!


  2. So happy to be included on this list! Congrats everyone!


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