The Future is Female: 140 Women Who Will Inspire You

As we wrap up the first month of 2019, I wanted to acknowledge some women who inspire and motivate me daily. The unique part is all the women that are listed below are a plethora of powerful voices ranging from authors, entreprenuers, artists, stylists, designers, podcasters, MUA’s, attorneys, doctors, nurses, bloggers, life coaches, engineers, educators,  influencers, philanthropists, and mentors. Below is a list of women who will definitely leave you inspired and motivated in 2019.


 “Women are leaders everywhere you look—from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to the housewife who raises her children and heads her household. Our country was built by strong women, and we will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes.” —Nancy Pelos


  1. Nicolette Ard,  Musical Artist 
  2. Rochelle Amelia, Registered Dietician
  3. Courtney Aiken, Speaker & Mentor
  4. Ashley Antionette, NYT Bestselling Author
  5. Paige Allyn, Public Relations
  6. Whitney Brown, Elite Event Planning
  7. Tedra Brown, T’Jay D’signz
  8. Stephanie Best, Real Estate Realtor
  9. Patrice Balark,  Author
  10. Gretchen Barocio, Keynote Speaker& Author
  11. Cameryn Blackmore, Mentor
  12. Victoria Bradford, Artist
  13. Kenya Monet Brown, Speaker & Mentor
  14. Jordin Risin Berguland , Fitness Influencer
  15. Courtni Booker, Book N Go Travel Planners LLC
  16. Kedestiny Burton, MUA
  17. Traci Bee, Author
  18. Gaynell Crockett , ItWorks Global
  19. Cinquanta Cox-Smith, Author
  20. Mercy Carruthers, Author & CEO of Mercy B Publications
  21. Tiffany McGary- Cyprian, Community Advocate
  22. Freda Camille, Author, Poet, & Playright
  23. Crystal Nicole Collier , Editor
  24. Jacy Carpenter, Attorney At Law
  25. Jessica Cain, Media Influencer
  26. Kayla Callahan, Public Health
  27. Kellie Danielle Clay, Alterations by Kellie
  28. Kee Carter, Hair Stylist (KeeBraidedMe)
  29. Penelope Christian, Author
  30. Reanna Clairborne, Mentor
  31. Maura Chanz, Media Influencer
  32. Dedra Dedra, Author
  33. Ashley Dennis, ItWorks Global
  34. DeAnna DeMingo, Community Advocate
  35. Electra Davis, Ceo of Mysteek Naturals
  36. Gabrielle Deculus, Founder of Business Rules For Women
  37. RS Desserts, Chef
  38. Rene Dumas, Nail Technician
  39. Tana Doughty , Speaker & Mentor
  40. Rubi Elle, Philantropist
  41. CeCe Edmondson , Photographer
  42. Zakiyrah Ficklin , Author
  43. Danyell Fabre, Entrepreneur
  44. Ariyal Fabre, Attorney at Law
  45. Ariane Fabre, Model
  46. Ashtin Fortner Francis, Musical Artist
  47. Elayne Fluker, Support is Sexy Podcast
  48. Markitta G, Markitta All In Your Business Podcast
  49. Ioana Denise Garrett, Women Winning In Life Network
  50. Whitley Gillin, Blogger & Influencer
  51. Fendi Godwin, Ministry
  52. Jasmine Guillory, Lifestyle Blogger
  53. Johnazia Gray, Author
  54. BM Hardin, Author
  55. Ebony Hoskins, Public Health
  56. Hydeia Harris, Author
  57. Britney Marie Harris, Speaker & Mentor
  58. Ashli Hindu, CrazySexyCool Restorations
  59. Christine Hamilton, Blogger & Influencer
  60. Suga Henry, Playwriter
  61. Alisa Hyman, The Nerdy Editor
  62. Ty’Rasha Johnson, Hair Stylist
  63. Christine Joyner, Author & Publisher
  64. Jacquel Jacobs, Author & Publisher
  65. Dynasty Jacobs, Musical Artist
  66. Melissa Jones, Event Planner
  67.  Tara Jae, Radio Personality
  68. Alyese Justis, Author & Chef
  69. Jasemine Knowles, Journalist & Blogger
  70. Olanta Peters-Kingsby, Registered Nurse & Event Planner
  71. India Lindsey, Author & Ghostwriter
  72. Beverly Love, Author, B Love Publications
  73. Crystal Nicole Little, The Love Manifester
  74. Abbie Lynn, Owner of Klutched Out Boutique
  75. Nakia LaShaul, Author
  76. Shamika Lewis, Media Influencer
  77. Martita Lott, Encourager
  78. Earniesha Lott, Uzima Counseling & Wellness
  79. Monique Mensah, Author & Editor
  80. Ashley Marissa, Host & TV Personality
  81. Portia Montana, Designer
  82. Astreya Michelle, Blogger & Finance Coach
  83. Morgan Maux, Community Advocate
  84. Whitney McKenzie, Sistah2Sistah Social Circle
  85. Alexus Mosley, Blogger & Influencer
  86. Meka Matthews, Gotham Creatives
  87. Annelies Martinez, Beauty & Lifestyle Sylist
  88. Ernestine Johnson-Morrison, Actress & Poet
  89. Diamond Moses, Medicine
  90. Chasity Monet, Author
  91. Shawn Magee, Speaker
  92. Danyelle Magee, Hair Stylist
  93. Chelsey Magee, Author & Poet
  94. Jaleesa McDowell, CEO of McDowell’s Branding
  95. Kyshira Moffett, Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics
  96. Keneshia Neal, Intimate Cravings & Mimosas and Masterminds
  97. Myzha Norwood, Hair Ambassador
  98. Tamika Newhouse, Author, Publisher, Executive Director
  99. Whitney Nixon, Owner of Hairoine Addicts by Whitney
  100. Jhanae Cherry-Peyton, Xpressions Salon and Barber Studios
  101. Shylanda Pam, Art & Theatre
  102. Lori Angel Price, Owner of Derm Appetit
  103. MzLadyP, Author & Publisher
  104. Melony Pearson, Mentor
  105. Marjorie Parker, Philantropist
  106. Shantae Pelt, CEO of Coco Pie Clothing 
  107. Courtney Best-Reed, Marketing Strategist
  108. Ciara Reed, Ministry
  109. Chardonnay Rushing, Educator
  110. DeJuene Richardson,  Art & Theatre
  111. Pauleanna Reid, Mentor, Blogger & Keynote Speaker
  112. Shanell Ranae, Founder of Purity Points
  113. Nakoreya Roberson, Author, NakoExpo
  114. Kiara Jonai Sarie, Author
  115. Adara Butler Sherron, Speaker, Author, Ministry
  116. Chase Sidora, Author & Editor
  117. LaToia Williams-Simon, Attorney at Law, Entreprenuer
  118. Rebecca Salley, Civil Rights Division
  119. Chalmernique Singleton, MUA
  120. D’Audrea Smith, Author & Encourager
  121. Kaci Sexton, Nurse, Contributor, & Writer
  122. Kiarra Taylor, Author & Site Contributor
  123. Mykel Trent, Vlogger & Media Influencer 
  124. Jacqueline Twillie, Author & Speaker 
  125. Stacy Thigpen, PR, Hair Stylist
  126. Shakara Tyson, Owner of Kara’s Kreations
  127. Paree Trenae, Author
  128. Jasmine Vaughn, CEO of SheFixWealth
  129. Royielle Wheat, Hair Sylist & MUA
  130. Hayley Wolfe, MUA & Influencer
  131. Angel Walker, Book Cover Designer, StoryTeller
  132. Jennipher Williams, Attorney, Mental Health
  133. Tiffany Williams, Model, Miss Full Figured USA
  134. Anndria Walker, Paparazzi Ambassador, Entreprenuer 
  135. Shardae Womack, Author, Mentor, & Speaker
  136. Shaterica Washington, Writer & Site Contributor
  137. AJ Williams, Author, Blogger of Single Black Chick
  138. Jessica Wren, Author & Encourager
  139. Lindey Walker, CEO of Walker + Associates PR Media Group
  140. Kaila Williams, Musical Artist 


11 Comments Add yours

  1. All I can say is Wow💕🙌 as my heart filled with Joy to be a part of your inspiration. While I sit in my home office listening to Life’s Principles/silent motivation, with Bishop TD. Jake’s, and preparing for a short essay on tomorrow, I can’t thank God enough for how He continues to surprise me! I just want to say Thank You Oprah for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself🙌💪 My journey has been an amazing yet a Very trying one, and I want to salute you for keeping my heart alive throughout your website even when I didn’t have a phone, no social media, nothing besides messenger and the internet! And if there was not One, One thing I could turn to, It was your website! Thank you💕


    1. You always find a way to make me cry Gay! Thank you so much 💓💓


  2. Oprah, you are amazing for curating this list! I am very thankful to be apart of this and for you continuing to share your space with inspiring and talented woman! Thank You! Thank You!
    I now have a list of dope WOMAN to follow and get to know. ❤️


    1. Yesssss! 🙌💓💓


  3. Thank you Oprah for honoring me in your latest publication! I was absolutely thrilled and excited to make [The Future is FEMALE: 140 Women Who Will Inspire You] list. There are so many elite and successful women. Many of them I know, and I am so honored to be among them. I look forward to to working with you again and being a part of your future events this year!


    1. You’re amazing at what you do! Your mentorship instilled ideas inside of me ❤️. I’ll be back this year lol!


  4. Cameryn says:

    This made my day Oprah! Thank you sooo much for showing love!!!!


  5. Jennifer Baptiste says:

    This is beautiful and I happen to know a few. But I encourage you to look upon a few others…Crystal Robinson, Dominate with Crystal and Johanna Ramos, Earthly Bodies Natural Living/Kale Yeah Juice Cafe


    1. I know about these amazing women ♥️. Crystal Robinson was actually a guest speaker at my workshop in Dallas for Mimosas & Masterminds.


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