Jessica Robinson Serves New Orleans With a Mobile Bartending Business

Earning a degree in Mass-Communications, Jessica Robinson found her passion in serving and putting smiles on faces. As a bartender in college she honed her skills, becoming a Certified Mixologist in 2013. As an advocate for female rights, Jessica enjoys expressing her feminism through her cocktails and hosting events that bring women together to celebrate life and sisterhood. Her motto is: “Make your cocktails strong and your laughs loud!” I caught up with Jessica and we discussed Justini Cocktails and the favorite parts of running a creative business.


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Jessica Robinson, Owner of Justini Cocktails

How did you get started in the cocktail business?


 JR: “JusTini was an idea that just worked out. I came up with it because I worked at so many bars and gained clientele that would hire to me to work their private affairs.”

What are some of your personal favorite specialty cocktails? 


JR: “My favorite cocktails to shake up is cocktail I can add a lot of garnishing or where champagne is added.”


What does success mean to you?

JR: “Success to me means finding your purpose in life.”

What do you love most about hosting special events?

JR: “I love hosting special events because it allows me to market JusTini in creative ways.”

Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently starting out in your line of work?

JR: “I don’t know if I would have done anything different when starting JusTini. It has literally been a journey and I have learned so much about myself and what I have to offer. The lessons I have learned from JusTini has me starting other businesses differently. I appreciate what JusTinihas taught me this far. “


What is your favorite and least favorite things about your career?


JR: “My favorite part of my career is kind of hard to pick. I love meeting new people, creating new recipes, and working with my JusTini girls. My least favorite part is the labor that is required when setting up a bar or event. But the labor is apart of the job and service JusTini provides. “


What is your personal and professional motto?

JR: “My personal motto for my life is to focus on what I can control in my life. And taking control is holding myself accountable for reaching my goals. JusTini‘s motto is “Make your cocktails strong and your laughs loud.”


 Running a mobile cocktail business is so creative!! What advice do you have for someone starting a creative business?


JR: Thank you! I would tell a creative entrepreneur to NOT GIVE UP and understand that it takes time to build an empire. Fall in love with the journey!! And get comfortable being uncomfortable!


What is your biggest goal for 2019?


JR: “My biggest goal for 2019 is to invest in myself and continue to walk in your purpose.”


About Jessica Robinson

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JusTini Cocktails is a mobile bartending service based in New Orleans, Louisiana that focuses on customizing each cocktail to the taste and mood of the customer or spirit of the event. Rooted in New Orleans culture, where food, drink and celebrations are taken seriously, JusTini delivers cocktails and service that stand out from the rest. JusTini Cocktails bartending service is available to host your (in-house) event or you can take your party with you with JusTini’s specialty line of Lemon Drop Martinis known as “JusTini-to-Go”.

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