Hot Girl Summer: 25 Fun & Crazy Weekend Things to do With Friends

Spending time with friends are a essential part of life and we always wish we had more quality time to do it! The weekend is approaching, so that means its time to do something crazy & fun that normally doesn’t fit in your weekly schedule! Plus, rapper Megan Thee Stallion told us that its a HOT GIRL SUMMER, so take advantage of doing ratchet and epic things with the ppl you love!!

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Listed below are some fun and crazy weekend things to do with your friends without breaking your pockets too much. If you’ve been the distant friend lately, don’t beat yourself up. This is a good time to reunite! If you’re not sure how to overcome being the distant friend, read Being a Distant Friend can Cause Destruction Within Yourself and Relationships

Onward to 25 Ways to a Fun Weekend!

Go on a road trip.

There is nothing like opening the sunroof to your car and letting the clear road lead the way! And its also a great time to chat with each other on your way to your short vacay.


Explore your Town.

Do a scavenger hunt around your town and explore new places and things you haven’t seen. This will be the perfect time to check out that new museum or try out that new restaurant you and your bestie have been dying to go to!


Attend an event together.

Look up any upcoming workshops, community events, or something informational that strikes you and your friends’ interest.


Go to Vegas.

DO IT! If you and your friends can afford to spend a weekend in Sin City, why not go for it?!


Do a pajama party.

Take out the PJ’s, wine, and get this party started!


Go to a shooting range.

Put your pow-pow skills to the test and take a session together!


Head outdoors.

Nature brings out the best in us. Go for a walk/run together and relax afterwards.


Attend a festival or live concert.

If your favorite local artist or band is playing, grab a ticket for you and bestie! Go to a festival that you’ve never been to before!


Crash a wedding.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do with my friends lol. The chance hasn’t happened for me yet, but maybe you’ll have better luck! Just don’t get too rowdy!


Watch classic movies and have binge-watch parties.

Steel Magnolias…Fried Green Tomatoes… Sex & The City. …you get the picture, right? Catch up on your favorite shows on Netflix & Hulu and binge watch them together!


Do a photoshoot/danceshoot together.

Who doesn’t like to pose and dance? Set up a mini photo-shoot with your girlfriends and end the night with a dance marathon in your living room or the club…whichever your heart prefers!



Scratch something off both of your bucket lists.

Scuba diving? Skydiving? What is one thing you’ve been wanting to do for the longest? Time to scratch off some things on the long list! Pick a day where you and your friends each complete at least one thing off both of your bucket lists.


Leave your cell phone behind.

Whew, some of you wasn’t ready for this one! If you’re chilling locally, put the phone away for a couple of hours  or just leave it in the car. Take out the time to truly enjoy what you love doing with friends!


Go camping.

Step into nature and put your survival skills to the test! If you’re not about the tent life, pitch in and go half on a cabin resort with your besties!


Go to a karaoke bar.

There is nothing like singing in front of strangers while your friends record you and find your horrible singing the highlight of the night!

Hit up a water park.

Didn’t I tell you it was a hot girl summer? Hit up the water parks and soak in the sun!

Go to the beach.

If a road trip leads to a beach, stop and take a chill. The most relaxing feeling ever.


Have a potluck dinner.

Have a B.Y.O.E (Bring Your Own Everything) night with friends! Everyone can bring a dish which leads to a pretty epic party!


Have a Spa Day.

Get massages, facials, pedis, and mani’s together on a weekend. It will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the Monday ahead!


Go to the park.

Walk and talk. Have a picnic and bring your favorite snacks. Hop on the swings together.


Volunteer together.

If you’re both passionate about change, volunteer for a cause in your community. Spend a few hours on the weekend helping others.


Play sports together.

You don’t have to be a athlete to have fun playing sports with your friends. Not being an athlete is the beauty of it!


Play games.

Have a board game & card night! I don’t know about yall, but “ish” gets crazy, real, and hilarious over a game of UNO, Scrabble, Monopoly, and Spades with my circle of friends.


Go to yard sales & thrift shops.

Discover new treasures together around your local town. Its a fun, cheap way to discover new finds!


Watch the sunset.

This has become one of my favorite pastimes, and its a good time to reflect and think over a beautiful view. Watch it one day with your friends.


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