The Great Escape: Stagnation to Growth

Hey my loves,

We are now in the third quarter of 2019! We have six more months of this year to make it a memorable one. It’s time to get ready for the growth coming our way….that feeling you know that the next 6 months is shifting you to something bigger! When we get discouraged when a certain goal doesn’t go our way (or we are too impatient to wait on the blessing because we don’t want to go through the storms), that’s when the toxic thoughts creep in slowly. We have hit ground zero. It’s time to plan the escape…

You’re like me. I was looking for the “escape” too.

The Great Escape: the answer that will solve all your current problems. Right? Lemme let you in on a little secret…there isn’t a great escape. It’s something that is created in your mind and it sinks in mentally.

The problem I have with some “problems” is in that moment of a tough situation, it feels like that problem is going to last forever.  You’ve tried every possible solution. Nothing has worked and you feel defeated. You’ve tried getting over it, but that also leaves a bad taste in your mouth. When you focus too much on certain problems, it can eventually cause you to develop a mindset that causes you to think problems are an everyday routine because that’s what you’ve grown accustomed to. Sure problems do occur everyday, but it shouldn’t be a thing to expect in your life because you now have accepted it as normalcy.

Picture yourself on a swing. When you first sit down on the swing, your feet are still on the ground. That’s how it’s feels when you’re in a stagnant place. You want to move, push, and get your feet off the ground, but somehow you find your feet still planted on the sand.

When you become stagnant in life, you feel “stuck” in your situation and the lemons of life are hard to turn into lemonade. This could mean a job, relationship, personal matters, family and friends issues, etc. If you find yourself stagnant, you have to shake things up a bit and get rid of the routines that aren’t working in your favor. The key to get to growth from stagnation is finding out what inspires you, and tapping into it. 

Now picture yourself on the swing again. This time, you’ve gotten over fear, and you’re starting to move with the swing. Next thing you notice is your legs flying in the air gracefully. That’s growth. That’s you producing fruit. To experience growth, you have to be willing to move even when it’s painfully hard. Keep going. 

If your growing pains aren’t fun, but you know God applied them to strengthen you…growth. If you are uncomfortable in your current situation, but you’re still pressing...growth. Trust the process and do not get discouraged when you don’t see immediate results. Remove impatience from your life and transform it into the power of faith. Besides, the last thing to grow on a fruit tree…is the fruit.

Go grow.♥️


Until next time, 


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