The Power of Waiting: LoveManifestHER Coach Crystal Nicole Little Gives Life Gems For Single Women

As the creator of LoveManifestHer, Crystal Nicole Little is also an author, coach, and relationship expert. Crystal is dedicated to serving women in a way that inspires them to pursue self love and discovery so that they can attract the right men and relationships into their lives. Crystal and I chatted about her singlehood before marriage, what her singleness taught her about the power of waiting, and the life lessons that transformed her brand into a platform helping other women.
Crystal Nicole Little, Creator of LoveManifestHER

What inspired you to start The LoveManifestHER?

CL: “Before I met my husband, I was single for seven years. I have suffered loneliness, depression, anxiety, low self-worth, and a nasty divorce. I can remember feeling alone in my singleness, and like no one understood me and what I was going through. So, I created this brand to be somewhat of a safehaven for single women looking for love but not knowing how to find it. During my years of singleness, and after suffering much disappointment and heartache, I learned how to truly love, respect, and accept myself and ended up meeting my (now) husband, and he asked me to marry him 14 days after our first date. It was then that I was certain that the key to finding true love was in loving yourself. And that was when I birthed a dream to coach women desiring love how to empower themselves, and love themselves through self love and self worth. It was like I wanted to shout it from the rooftops: “Like, I figured it out ya’ll. If you love yourself, the man that’s meant for you will love you too!”


What is the best advice you can give to single women?

CL: “Stop trying to be what you ‘think’ men want and be who you are. The man that is meant for you can’t find you if you’re not being yourself.”

In periods of singlesness, did you struggle with inner emotions on waiting? How did you overcome it?

CL: “Yesss! Some nights I would cry myself to sleep, and I used to sleep with a giant teddy bear just to have something to snuggle with. Lol. It was bad. But, I overcame my loneliness when I stopped concentrating on what I didn’t have (a relationship), and I started concentrating on who I wanted to become. I concentrated on how healthy I wanted to become, and the goals I wanted to achieve in my career. I took the time that I had in my singleness to become a better woman. So that when I did get married, I would be the best partner I could be.”


What is your biggest goal this year?

CL: “To impact 100 women and help them change their lives. Whether through speaking, coaching, or matchmaking…I want to help them enjoy and experience a better quality of life in their romantic life.”

What does success mean to you?

CL: “Becoming the woman that you dream of being in your own heart. Success to me has nothing to do with anyone else other than yourself. It’s not about comparison or competition. It’s about having a vision in your heart, and seeing that vision in your mind. When a woman is living that vision in her reality, then I think she is successful because she’s walking in her divine purpose.”

What does the world need more of?

CL: “L.O.V.E. I think the world needs more love. And I’m not talking about that artificial or superficial type of love either. I’m talking about the selfless, genuine, Jesus type of love.”

What’s your favorite thing to do after a long day of work?

CL: “Coming home and hanging out with my children. They make me laugh. I come home, cook, or get some takeout, and me and my family laugh and run around the house like mad people. We’re all crazy. We were meant to be together.”

Has learning a mistake ever led you to success?

CL: “Too many times. The biggest mistake I can think of that cost me a lot in my life was listening too much to what people have to say. This has cost me precious time that I can’t get back because I allowed someone else to tell me what was right for me. I believe that we should entertain wisdom, but I don’t think we should always adopt what everyone says. We all already know what’s right for us deep down in our hearts.”

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in running a business?

CL: “Not to underestimate your value. I’ve heard other people say this before I went into business, but now I can see that it is sooo true. If you provide a service at a certain price, and certain people are unwilling to pay that price, then tell them to contact you when it’s in their budget or when they change their mind and move on to other people that will pay that. I’ve found that clients won’t give their all if they are not valuing your service (as in paying for it). And in the same way, you as a coach cannot give all of your time, energy, effort, and support if you are not compensated properly. There has to be an even exchange. And if they don’t believe in this theory, they’re not your client. And that’s okay.”

Name 3 women who you admire and look up to.

CL: “My business coach, Keisha N. Smith. She is a frickin’ Rockstar. Somehow, she manages to balance being a wife, mother, and the owner of several businesses, while looking 17. I’m jealous. Also, Lakrisha Davis and Kimberly ‘Isis’ Thomas (of Dope Black Chick). I’ve seen these women grow from the developmental stages of their businesses to running full speed. They exhibit a confidence that is inspiring and contagious. I am blessed to witness their momentum and transformation.”

What is your personal or professional motto?

CL: “Stay true to yourself. As a Dating and Relationship Coach, I know that my brand and business has so much to do with my personal brand. I believe that God cannot bless me if I am not being who He created me to be. So in everything, I strive for authenticity. If it doesn’t feel ‘real’, it gets scratched. My motto.’Do You, Boo’.”


About Crystal Nicole Little



“I help women position and prepare themselves to attract marriage minded quality men.  And in addition to being of service to women by giving them this step by step process I will be starting a Live Broadcast Show on Facebook where I talk about real topics regarding women’s love lives.  This segment is meant to educate, inspire and encourage women to greatness.”- Crystal Nicole Little

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  1. Julie Krupp says:

    I loved your goal of impacting 100 women. That is a great approach to your work!


  2. Alenka Mali says:

    What a beautiful soul.

    Alenka Mali


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