Founder of ‘Filthy Broke Finances’ Astreya Zachary Spills Money Saving Tips

The main resolution that is made every year by most people is: “I want to make or save more money.” In order to be successful, spending habits have to be under control and there’s also the lingering “B” WORD no one likes to hear: BUDGETING!

Accountant and Founder of Filthy Broke Finances Astreya Zachary didn’t leave any room to sugarcoat money saving habits! I caught up with her as she spilled the tea on how to save money! 

Astreya, Founder of Filthy Broke Finances

Founder of Filthy Broke Finances

What do you think is the most classic money mistakes new entrepreneurs make?

Astreya: This question is kind of hard because there are quite a few! From personal experience and professional experience auditing businesses, I think most entrepreneurs underestimate expenses. When I started my trucking company, it was a lot I didn’t know about. I didn’t do the proper research and that resulted in time and money being wasted. There are always unexpected expenses that occur, even with the most thought out plan, so entrepreneurs should have a buffer for unforeseen expenses! The moment you think they won’t come is when they do.”

You say no ones like the “B word”. What do you think having a budget teaches you when you are running a business or just trying to save money?

Astreya: ” You know how people say you don’t know yourself until you’re 25? Well, I say you don’t know yourself until you have to budget. Having a budget really helps you get to know yourself. You learn how you spend, what you spend on, and what you can do without. Before I had a budget, I was spending like crazy. I never knew where my money was going and I had nothing to show for it. It was $20 here and there, but I didn’t realize that it all adds up.

For entrepreneurs or those just trying to save money, utilizing a budget gives you control over your money. You get to tell your money where to go instead of finding out where it went (if you check your bank statements like I do.) It keeps you focused on your money goals and provides that little slap in the face called reality.

If you want to set and reach financial goals, budget.

If you want to spend your hard earned money according to your priorities, budget. 

If you want to build wealth, budget.

If you want a peace of mind, budget.

How was your business Filthy Broke Finances started? 

Astreya: Filthy Broke was started in my car while driving home. I was talking to myself speaking over my life by saying “one day, I was gonna be filthy rich, but until then I’ll be Filthy Broke.” And the rest was history. I started my blog to provide personal finance tips to millennials or just an around the way type of person. I don’t use financial jargon to confuse my readers and I like for them to think of me as a friend, cousin or sister who keeps it all the way real with them. My goal is to make my readers uncomfortable with their current financial situation and push them to make better financial decisions.

Google states the net worth for an average African American woman is $5. How does this make you feel? What should be our resolution for this problem?

Astreya: “This finding is what made me want to be in finance while in college! I was heartbroken after reading it. I remember thinking if Oprah’s net worth is around $2 billion dollars, then what are the rest of us doing? Hearing it years later, its still disheartening and plain disrespectful, but more than likely still true. We are the minority, but make up the majority of frivolous spending on life’s lowest priority: looking good. We dominate in spending on weave, shoes and clothing. But we won’t buy stock in Nike or become the weave plug in our hometowns.

There are some remedies to this, but they are far from a quick fix. We have to change the dynamic in the Black community. There are so many conversations that we don’t have and the biggest one is concerning money. While growing up, I never heard my family talk about money. All I knew was I got what I wanted when I wanted it. Teach your children to save early. Get them started in investing early and show them that it’s more to life than getting in student loan debt and working for someone else just to pay it off.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but wealth isn’t built alone. Meaning, you don’t have to be independent to keep your independence. I’m not saying you need a man, but you need somebody. We’ll save that for another day though.

Don’t spend money you don’t have. Stop using your credit cards to fund purchases you can’t afford and probably don’t need to impress people who don’t care about you. Credit cards are like revolving monthly loans against your future earnings.

Invest in life insurance. I don’t want to see a Gofundme account made in your name. How dare you die and leave your family with bills to cover. Aside from that, did you know that Master P is the man we know today because he received $10,000 from a life insurance settlement? He used $10,000 to build an empire. What could $10,000 do for you today? “

 What are your saving money tips?

1. Pay yourself first. The average person has 7 to 14 bills, but doesn’t include himself or herself as number one. I don’t believe in paying everyone else and not myself.  Also, paying yourself first makes you the priority. When you wait to pay yourself last, this means you save what’s left over if something is left over.

2. Automate transfers to an online savings account that does not have a physical location. Here’s why: 1. Banks with a physical location have subpar interest rates. Think .001%. 2. It takes 5-7 days to transfer money from the savings account to any other bank. So, your access is limited and you’re bound to forget about the money. 

3. Give every dollar a purpose. Let your money know where it should go. When we have extra money that we don’t know what to do with, it ends up lost. Not literally, but in Wal-Mart, Target and the occasional Wendy’s when it should be in our bank accounts or investment funds.

What is the finance quote you live by?

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” –Ayn Rand

This quote is essentially what I preach about on my blog and social media sites. As the driver for your money, you have to be in control of your money, not the other way around. Do you ever get in your car with no destination in mind and let it drive you around? No? The same goes with money. Give it a purpose.”

What is the best advice you can give to a person aspiring to be an entrepreneur?

Don’t despise small beginnings. I always heard the phrase that every pro was once an amateur. The overnight success story that you hear about usually comes after years of work. So, perfect your craft daily and make sure you celebrate the small victories.” 



Astreya Zachary, Accountant and Founder of Filthy Broke Finances, is not your typical financial coach. With years of experience in the financial services industry, she works as both an Auditor and Tax Accountant, speaker and financial coach to millennial across the country, helping them make smart, educated decisions with their money with her fun, no nonsense approach to money. 

She cuts through the fancy lingo and breaks down complicated topics, while providing clear-cut guidance on the money moves you can make to improve your financial situation right now. While many students graduated college with $20,000 or more in student loan debt, Astreya graduated with $20,000 in her bank account.  If you can’t find her crunching numbers, she’s studying for the CPA exam, reading up on the latest investments, running around with her 3 year old son, traveling, curled up to a good book or pretending she knows how to cook.

It’s her mission to provide information to those who are getting their coins by any means necessary, whether you’re an entrepreneur, work 9-5 or a college student with multiple side hustles. Filthy Broke Finances is for those who are getting dirty chasing their versions of success.

Think of her as your bestfriend, big or little sister, confidant and most importantly friend, as she helps you reclaim your money and your life, your way.




Instagram: @filthybrokefinances

Facebook: @filthybrokefinances

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