Founder of ‘The Honey Pot Company’ Spills on Business Success & Overcoming Challenges

After launching The Honey Pot Company in 2014,  the founder Beatrice Feliu Espada  brought the innovative concept of a plant-based feminine care system to the marketplace. I had the pleasure to chat with her behind the inspiration of creating The Honey Pot Company and the challenges she faced and overcame on her climb to success. 

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Beatrice Feliu Espada, Founder of Honey Pot Company

How did you get started with The Honey Pot Company? What inspired the idea?

BE: “I got started back in 2012. I was dealing with a recurring BV infection and I was so frustrated with the roller coaster ride of taking antibiotics and then having it come back again when my cycle started. One night I had a dream with an ancestor. She gave me a list of ingredients to help me with my issue. I woke up and wrote it down and made the formula. Two days later, my BV symptoms were gone. I figured if it worked for me. It would work for others as well!


In the startup process, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

BE: “You face a lot of challenges ranging from finding money to finance your business to finding a good team to help you grow your business to finding the right manufacturers and right retailers to help boost your business. It’s all about having tenacity and grit and willpower. You can’t take no for an answer. You can’t back down at the first sight of trouble.


 What’s the best piece of advice you received when you first starting out in your company


BE:”To start with the end game in mind. It’s all about knowing what your ultimate goal is before you start as this colors all of your decisions going forward.

What does success mean to you and what does it take to get it?

BE: “Success is having my brand become a household name and being able to give women everywhere access to affordable, clean, healthy feminine care.”


What are some of your favorite products thus far that The Honey Pot has released?

BE: “I love our washes of course as they are the flagship product for our brand. They are made with really beautiful, clean ingredients that help keep a woman fresh and pH balanced the natural way. I also love our herbal menstrual pads. They are so healing and are game-changers. They are infused with herbs such as; mint, aloe, lavender and jasmine.”

 In moments of adversity, what keeps you going?


BE:My faith and my perseverance and my belief in myself. I never give up. I know there’s always a way so I don’t let negative thoughts derail me.

 Who are some successful people that you look up to and admire? 

BE: “I honestly look up to fellow business owners who have paved the way for people like myself.” 


What is your personal motto?

BE:”It’s never personal.”


 What is your biggest goal for your company this year? 

BE: “We are rolling out in tons of new retail this year so we are really looking to become a household name. We’re also launching new products at the end of the year!”

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned so far in running a company? 

BE: “You’re always going to be dealing with a lot of issues and fire drills so be prepared to juggle many balls and wear many hats.”


About Beatrice Feliu Espada



Beatrice Feliu Espada, founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Company, suffered with bacterial vaginosis infection for 8 months. An ancestor gave her the ingredients to heal herself in a dream. From that insightful dream, she created the formula for a healthy, clean feminine wash. It worked! She launched The Honey Pot Company in 2014. The rest is history.

With experience in pharmaceuticals, retail and natural foods, she has the insight and expertise to bring the innovative concept of a plant-based feminine care system to the marketplace. Unlike mass market and conventional feminine care brands, consumers will be able to get all of their feminine care needs met under one brand as The Honey Pot Company currently offers feminine washes, wipes, pads and soon-to-be additional product offerings in both the feminine hygiene and feminine care segments. 

With her diverse background and experience, she is primed to make a mark in the world of natural health and retail with a truly revolutionary approach to feminine health and wellness.


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  1. I use the Honey Pot wash! I don’t have issues with BV or yeast since I’ve removed my IUD but just knowing I’m washing with a healthy and clean product brings me great satisfaction. I also love the fact this this amazing company and product is black owned and created!

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