Filmmaker Tailiah Breon on Feminine The Series, producing for xoNecole, and 5 Life Gems that Paved her Brand

Tailiah Breon believes success is ultimate peace. As a creator, filmmaker, and content producer, Tailiah merged photography and film through her business Fashion Prodigy LLC. I had the pleasure to talk to Tailiah about her life as an entrepreneur, the 5 gems that helped her personal brand grow, and how she overcomes adversity in life & business.

Tailiah Breon, Filmmaker & Producer

The life of an entrepreneur…what has that life been like for you?

TB: “Entrepreneurship is a sign up for constant personal development and mastering life skills and leadership. My 6 years of entrepreneurship has been a complete journey of growth within my mindset, skillset, business impact and financial stability. “

 Tell us about Feminine The Series. 

TB: “Feminine the series started off as a feature film and has recently been restructured for an ongoing series. The idea came originally when seeking for films that had a voice for women that I could relate to. The idea manifested from my own life’s inspirations and has become a drama/romance story of a young girl who identifies as a Tomboy. The story progresses the character, as she continues to grow and learn. Overall this series was created to empower young girls and women who have felt that in some point in life, their femininity was challenged and they did not fit the traditional mold of a woman. “



At what point in your life did you start working as a filmmaker and fashion designer?

TB: “Fashion Photography began for me right after high school in the year of 2013. And filmmaking was birthed more recently in 2017.”

What is success to you? Has a mistake ever led you to success?


Success is ULTIMATE PEACE. And whatever gives each human-being peace, I believe is what keeps the definition of success truthful but also personal. Peace for me is knowing that I am fulfilling my purpose for existing and keeping alignment with God’s plan for me. Has a mistake led me to successes? Yes absolutely, everyday. I have literally failed my way forward. It took not knowing something…to learn it. It took not doing something properly to learn how to do it. And the list goes on….”

What five major life/ business gems helped your personal brand grow?

Top 5 Business Gems 

  • A Resume and Degree only go but so far.
  • Your skillset does not have an ending capacity, it should forever be growing.
  • Every business profit will not always come in the form of money.
  • Value relationships.
  • The more you can offer, the harder you are to replace,

What’s the best advice you have for someone who hasn’t discovered their purpose yet?

TB: “My best advice to someone who hasn’t discovered their purpose yet is my life quote! –“First find peace, with peace you will find passion, with passion you will identify your purpose; And with purpose you will find happiness.”

As a Content Producer for xoNecole, what are your duties and what do you love most about it?

TB: “Being a content creator for XoNecole requires being quick in turning around content, creative thinking for new content ideas that reflect the brand, collaborative efforts with the team, strong editor, and being efficient to produce quality. What I love most about the job is the opportunity it gives me to grow sharper in my overall execution. I love the female tribe, the energy, and positivity of what the brand stands for.”



What’s your biggest goal this year?

TB: “My biggest goal this year is to complete season 1 for Feminine and land a streaming/digital platform deal for the project.”

What’s the best advice you received when you first starting out in your line of work?

TB: “The most memorable advice I received starting off was “Do not let other people’s experiences become your own.” And that “College does not determine your altitude.”

 In moments of adversity, how do you remain positive and keep going?

TB: “In moments of adversity, I preserve positivity all in the mind. I’ve realized that my way of living is not a result but a choice. Even adversities have the ability to work for my good if I allow it. I take all challenges as a teachable moment and when I operate with that mentality, it keeps me grounded and allows me to be benefit in ANY and ALL situations. How can you not be grateful for that? Shift your mentality, you will shift your reality.”


About Tailiah Breon


FILM BIO- Tailiah Breon, CEO of Fashion Prodigy LLC, is merging the skill of photography and film with the art of fashion and people. Based in Atlanta, GA her craft is branded for fashion editorials, and high clientele beauty and commercial work. Fashion Prodigy, is represented as the household name for her Fashion photography.


Tailiah’s Contact Info


IG: @tailiahbreon, @fashionprodigy_, @fashionprodigymodels

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