10 Non-Sexual Ways To Increase The Intimacy in Your Relationship

We all love the beginning stages of a new and fresh relationship, the giddy phase of holding hands and texting non-stop. As our feelings develop and become stronger, so does the relationship and that brings changes in our behavior. Once the “honeymoon phase” wears off, it’s important to keep the fire between each other…in and out of the bedroom. Sex is wonderful, but it shouldn’t be the foundation of a healthy relationship. It’s so easy to get caught up in lust if you don’t take the time and energy to know the person you’re in a relationship with. If you want to keep things spicy in your relationship, you have to get creative and find out what works for your relationship! Here are 10 non-sexual ways to increase the intimacy in your relationship:

Spend Quality Time Together.

There is always something to learn about a person no matter how long the relationship has been. When you spend quality time with your significant other, the bond is being strengthened and you get a chance to share experiences together. This is also a good time to express feelings for each other because it’s always a good feeling when love is in the air! Enjoy each other and create new hobbies together.

Pray together.

A couple that prays together has pure intentions on staying together. Prayer is a personal conversation between you and God. It deepens your spiritual relationship. Prayer is a time where you can be transparent and lay everything on the table. The same feelings can apply to your relationship. If you live together, pray together. If you don’t live together, call and pray together before bed. Sharing your vulnerability and the areas you need work on with your partner creates a special bond.

Do projects together.

There are many couples who share similar passions and it leads them to working together on some levels. Make music together. Host shows together. Start a business together. Find DIY projects that you both love. Most importantly, keep it fun and encourage and support your partner. Also remember opposites do attract! If you both have different passions, always support each other’s ideas and learn more about what your partner is passionate about (even if you’re not quite passionate about it). Diversity in a relationship can teach you some things.


Do something unexpected.

A simple gesture from you can make your bae’s day. Don’t stop the cute texts, flirting, quality time, etc. It’s so easy for a relationship to slip in “routine” mode- the stage where you stop trying to impress your partner because you’ve gotten comfortable with them. We all love the comfortable stage, but nothing is wrong with reminding your partner why they fell for you through simple lovable gestures.


Give each other personal time and space.

Everyone needs their personal time, even people in love! Do not forget to take a mental/personal day for yourself when needed. Also, have respect and show compassion when your partner needs that personal space too. Even through relationships are about being there for each other through it all, there are some things people like to process alone first before they share it with their partner. It is a normal feeling, and the partner should try to understand from a different perspective. If a little space is needed, respect it. If you find yourself getting upset about your partner shutting down or needing space too much, have a heart to heart with them and explain why you feel the way you do.


Mental Stimulation

Communication is always key to a solid relationship. But mental stimulation can take the relationship to a whole different level. I have been in a relationship for a year and a half now, and some of the best moments between me and baby were just sitting around talking for hours and enjoying each other’s company. Share personal stories with your partner. Open your mind and heart. Don’t be afraid to talk freely.

Play games together.

The only games you should be playing in your relationships are the ones that makes it stronger. If you both like the same sport such as basketball etc., make it fun and play together one-on-one. I’m sure that would create a funny memory that you both won’t forget! It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or not. Enjoy and have fun with your partner.

Tell them what you love about them.

I love those moments where you just blurt out a cute compliment to your partner catching them off guard….and you see the love in their eyes for you. Never stop expressing feelings for each other. It deepens the bond. It deepens the feelings exchanged between each other. Continue to do the things you two did for each other in the honeymoon phase.


Exercise together.

Nothing like getting down and dirty with your partner…in the gym! Healthy living is an important factor. Exercise can be pretty dull, but working out with your partner can actually motivate you more to a healthy fitness life. Push each other to reach the limits you want to achieve.


Share Ideas.

I remember when I told baby I wanted to start a men’s empowerment site. He looked at me giving me the encouraging words I need to hear. Some of us get scared sharing ideas because we feel like other people will find it stupid or tell us we can’t do it. Your partner is your “peace person”- a person that may not always agree with what you do or say, but they will express the truth because they love you. Don’t be afraid to talk to your person. When you don’t have all the answers, it’s refreshing to know your partner has your back.


As you and your partner connect outside the bedroom, you will notice how much stronger the connection is in the bedroom when your relationship isn’t just based off sex. Intimacy can be expressed in many ways. Find the ones that work for your relationship. ❤


Until next time,




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