Danielle Tuwano on Film, Faith,and Success

As an author and founder of OneTenFilms, Danielle Tuwano knows what it takes to run a successful business with late nights and early mornings.  When she fell in love with film, she created her own production company from the ground up. I caught up with Danielle as we chatted about her start in the filming industry, the sacrifices made to start her company OneTenFilms, and what she has learned about hard work and success.

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Danielle Tuwano, Producer & Author

How did you get started in filmmaking?

DT: “I’ve been writing and contributing content for various projects since grade school. I’ve even participated in a few plays for school and church. Back then I never considered becoming a screenwriter or producer; I just thought I was good at writing and acting. In fact, I wanted to become a mortician and own a funeral home. That’s a conversation for another day, lol!”

I always knew God had a calling upon my life because as a child, I would sit and listen to a song and storyboard the entire video in head. I actually still do this today. While watching films with family and friends, I couldn’t just sit back and enjoy it. I would solely focus on continuity, character development and plot twist. I used to study the movie “B.A.P.S” written by Troy Beyer. I found it so intriguing that a writer could depict a true comedic narrative of two African American females flying from the south to Los Angeles to pursue a dream in the industry. It was in that moment, I fell in love with FILM!


  Tell us about your company One2Ten Films. What inspired you to start your company?

DT: “One2Ten Films is a full service production company specializing in screenwriting, marketing, event activation, and advertisement. We also play an intricate role in giving back to the community by sponsoring charitable events, giveaways, and galas. We also serve as a sponsor for Birmingham, Alabama’s semi-pro basketball team Magic City Surge. We are currently developing and producing a series of projects. We’ll also be celebrating our one year anniversary in our Headquarters here in Georgia in March!”

 Launching One2Ten Films in 2015 was a leap of faith. After spending a few years behind the scenes, I was inspired to BOSS UP! I had a deep desire to produce content while creating endless opportunities for others.In 2016, I wrote and produced my first short film “Good Girl” which made its first debut at the Aurora Cineplex Theater in Roswell, Georgia. It is currently available on Amazon Prime, Vimeo, and Roku.


 What was the biggest sacrifice you’ve made in business so far?

DT: “Sacrifices come with the territory. Late nights and early mornings are all a part of the entrepreneurial journey. I’ve missed milestones and several celebratory occasions for my family and friends in an effort to secure a promising future for my family. The willingness to sacrifice and stay committed ultimately renders positive results!”


 Has learning from a mistake ever led you to success? 

DT: “Yes of course! I will be transparent and admit that in the beginning of my career as a filmmaker, I was eager to achieve. I made mistakes that lead me to work with wrong people for the right reasons. It’s important that as entrepreneurs, we filter prospective partners and opportunities before committing to them. I advise my mentees all the time that “every opportunity isn’t a good opportunity” and “all money isn’t good money.”

 I’ve since rejected concepts that haven’t aligned with my brand, faith, or beliefs. I don’t regret my past experiences, however I’m grateful that through spiritual growth and maturity, I can now easily identify what’s a God idea vs. a Good idea for the betterment and longevity of my SUCCESS!

My advice to any aspiring entrepreneur or filmmaker would be to research your craft each day. Knowing the value of your worth will prevent you from giving so many discounts!


What are some of your favorite films?

DT: “Good Girl, B.A.P.S., Matilda, Fracture, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Rush Hour 2”


What are your biggest goals this year?

DT: “My main goal in 2019 is to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and opportunities. I plan to achieve this goal by”.

*Officially launching my debut guide book Lights, Camera, #LevelUp @lightscameralevelup

An inspirational guide book that delivers a real life and biblical approach towards steps to SUCCESS! It’s packed with insights and daily affirmations that will ignite your passion and help you overcome the fear of failure.

*Launching the GoalFriend Committee @goalfriendcommittee

A multicultural group of #GOALdiggers committed to holding each other accountable to achieve their goals! Members will be receive mentorship and discounted services from successful #GOALfriends in addition to access to our Atlanta headquarters for meetings and more!

*Produce and write compelling content for shows that evoke emotion around universal and controversial topics with influential entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and hosts.

*Expand the Danielle Tuwano lifestyle brand. #discoverdanielle

My creativity soars far beyond filmmaking. I’ll be compiling a few of my favorite things into my multi-faceted lifestyle brand. The Danielle Tuwano Collection will include stationary essentials, apparel, candles, and much more!

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 Name a filmmaker(s) who inspires you and why.

DT: “I would definitely have to say Regina King and Issa Rae! Not because we’re all Capricorns; the greatest of all time, but because of their tenacity and perseverance in an industry predominately dominated by males. In my opinion, these two ladies exemplify grace and inspiration to aspiring filmmakers across the globe. Regina King and I are both GOD fearing mothers and career women. Issa Rae and I share a kindred ideology and filmmaking strategy. Her advice to “network across” was and will always be a great point of reference!”

What’s your favorite thing to do after a long day of work?

DT: “After a long day at my office, I first like to have quiet time in the car on the way home alone. Sometimes I purposely take the longest route to talk to myself a little longer, lol! Once I’m home, I spend time with my family and end the night with a tall glass of wine!”


 What is your personal or professional motto? 

“Don’t Debate. Create.”


Are there any upcoming events or appearances

DT: “Yes! Join me on March 9, 2019 from 11am- 12:45pm at Atlanta Technical College for the Black Women Film Network Book Festival. I’ll be signing and selling copies of my new book Lights, Camera, #LevelUp. There will also be a panel discussion where I’ll be engaging with the audience! For more info, please visit http://www.blackwomenfilm.org/


About Danielle Tuwano

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Danielle Tuwano is the Founder and CEO of One2Ten Films, an Inspirational Speaker, Host, and Girls Inc. Ambassador. Vowing to always be the best example for the next woman, she has dedicated much of her life Educating, Empowering, and Inspiring youth, young adults, and women around the world. Danielle has had the pleasure of speaking at Girls Inc. Week in Birmingham, Alabama and Essence Festival 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. This phenomenal multi-facet was recognized by Brawny as a SHERO as part of their Strength Has No Gender Campaign during Women’s History Month. Her attributes as a successful entrepreneur and filmmaker have been featured in I AM QUEEN, AFROELLE and Glambitious Magazine. Danielle recently added author to her growing list of titles by releasing her debut inspirational guide book Lights, Camera, #LevelUp exclusively with Barnes and Noble. Danielle Tuwano is also a resilient wife, mother, and mentor. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her loving family.

Contact Info

#DiscoverDanielle on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @danielletuwano

Visit www.danielletuwano.com to learn more!

Booking & General Inquiriesinfo@danielletuwano.com

Press & Mediapr@danielletuwano.com

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