How Narie Roberson Uses Drive and Hustle to Be a Boss Woman

Narie Roberson believes the art of hustle is showing up and doing the work. As the owner and hair stylist of Narie Sade Studio, Narie prayed to start a therapeutic platform which transformed her into creating her vegan candle company, SevenTwentyCo. Narie and I discussed how she balances running multiple businesses, what it takes to be a boss, and the key to success.

narie sade
Narie Roberson, Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur

How long have you been a hair stylist and what do you love most about it?

NR: “I have been in the beauty industry as a hair stylist for 3 years now. I love that I can showcase my talents on hundreds of women throughout the year. Its really mind blowing. Hair is an art.”

 What inspired you to start your second business, SevenTwentyCo?

NR: “I was at a place during my career where I felt like I wasn’t doing enough, I was too comfortable. I asked God to send me something to do that would be therapeutic to me but also bring in income. I prayed for something that would bring me peace and one day back in November, Boom! Candles came to mind. “

 How do maintain the balance of running two businesses?

NR: “Geesh! Well, It’s honestly really hard somedays. I pour candles Tues – Thursday. Thursday nights I typically pour 9pm-3am. Thursday – Saturday I work in the salon. I do get rest Monday – Wednesday lol. I have an assistant who keeps me balanced! She helps with both businesses. “

What does it takes to be a woman boss?

NR: “Consistency, Drive, Hustle, Ambition, Faith. I tell people all of the time, we all have the same 24 hours, it’s up to you what you’re going to do with your time. It aint nothing to it, but to do it. “

  Who inspires you?

NR: “I’m literally inspired by almost everyone I encounter everyday. People are really brilliant. My clients all have so much going on in their lives from their jobs, to the family, to starting businesses, being in college. We lift each other up. “

What would you tell yourself ten years ago that you wish you knew then?

NR: “HaHaHa, at 13 hmm. Funny question. So when I was 13, my dad had  a salon and he was ready to sell it. He asked my sister who was 15 did she want the salon instead of me. I wanted to say I wanted it, but I didn’t think he would give it to me since I was only 13. 10 years ago, I would’ve spoke up and had faith in myself that I was ready to be a boss.”

 What is your biggest goal for 2019?

NR: “My biggest goal is to get a small store front for SevenTwenty.”

 Has learning a mistake ever led you to success?

NR: “No, learning from some of the most powerful women in the beauty industry led me to my success and mixed with me just always grinding, staying busy. Hustler. It’s in my DNA. My parents wouldn’t accept failure.”

 Which of your traits are you most proud of?

NR: “I love that I’m always ready to do more, ready to serve, ready to expand. Nothing is never enough for me. I thank God everyday for my success and my willingness to learn and grow. I love being busy. I also work in Music and a contract Personal Assistant. Lol. I’m proud of where I have come to in my career. Five years ago, I was packing up headed to college and decided to become an entrepreneur and work my way up in the industry in every area.”


IMG-0229 (1)

Narie Sade Studio is located in Southwest of Atlanta, Georgia, in the Mitchell Brothers Plaza. At the age of 17, Narie started an internship at Bronner Brothers as the assistant to The Show Manager, after 3 months she was later hired for a full time position as the Executive Affairs Coordinator. She resigned in 2015.

After graduating from high school in 2013,  Narie attended the  Aveda Institute of Atlanta. She was apart of the Graduating class of October 2014. Narie served as President of the Student Counsel board for 9 of the 12 month program. Nariebecame a licensed Master Cosmetologist in September 2015. Specializing in Custom Color and Cut, she is a force to be reckoned with.

At the young age of 23, Narie has accomplished quite a bit since becoming a business owner. Following in her family’s footsteps and becoming an entrepreneur she has so much in store that the beauty industry is not ready for.

She is also the Founder and CEO of SevenTwentyCo. home of the 100% Vegan Pure Soy Hand Poured candles. Sold exclusively in the salon and online

Narie’s Contact Info

Appointments can be booked at




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