Lifestyle Blogger Paris Hatcher Drops Gems About Creativity & Entrepreneurship

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Paris Hatcher, Blogger & Entrepreneur

What inspired you to become a lifestyle blogger? 

PH: “I was inspired to become a lifestyle blogger simply because I was tired of being in the “fashion blogger” box. Fashion is my first love, but I am so much more than just a fashion blogger. Therefore, I decided to start blogging about all things lifestyle such as mental health, money, credit, fitness, spirituality, and so much more.”


 What do you think it takes to be a great content creator?

PH:To be a great content creator, you have to take time away from creating for self-care. I know most people will say you have to be consistent, etc. and that’s very true but to be a GREAT at anything, you have to take care of yourself. If you’re no good to you, it’s impossible for you to be good at anything you’re aspiring to do.”


 What’s the best piece of advice you received when you were starting out in your line of work?


PH:The best piece of advice I’ve received was to keep your eyes on your own paper. Don’t look back at what the next person is doing or not doing, just run your race and do your best.”


What is a typical day like for you and what keeps you motivated?

PH: “In my world no two days are alike, but you can find me in the gym most mornings, taking meetings with my clients in the afternoon, or in a nearby coffee shop working on my laptop and brainstorming.”


Tell us more about your Prayer Journals. 

PH:  “PMH Collection Prayer Journals are my babies!! It makes me smile knowing that people from all around the world are writing their prayers and setting their intentions in a journal that I designed and created. I’ve been writing my prayers to God for the last decade and it has been my saving grace. I’ve grown so much and I am able to see my growth by going back to read where I was mentally, spiritually and emotionally because I wrote it all down in my Prayer Journals. I’ve completed 4 journals front and back before creating my own. God is so good! I never would’ve thought this would be something I’d do. I knew I wanted to create something meaningful and something that I knew that has worked for me, but I didn’t have the vision until I started praying and asking God to show me what I should do. This has been a dream of mines for a while now, but God’s timing is perfect.”

Name your favorite entrepreneurs/creatives that inspire you and why.

PH:  There’s so many to name, but I’ll name those who I know and can relate to their stories. First, my cousin Danna Gary who owns a hair salon called Hair Therapy here in New Orleans. She’s the first entrepreneur I knew of before I even knew the meaning of the word. Danna taught me so many valuable lessons about life, running a business, and money. She’s truly self-made. She’s has been an entrepreneur majority of her life and only had one other job in her teenage years. That’s very impressive to me because entrepreneurship is no cakewalk. She’s someone who’s truly operating in her purpose using her God-given talents. She has accomplished a lot as an entrepreneur and I admire her so much! Secondly, Mia Ray, Dacy Dash, and Myleik Teele. They’re the real deal and get it out the mud without making excuses. When I see them, I see myself.


What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t figured out their purpose yet?

PH: “Keep praying on your purpose. Eventually, God will reveal it to you, and if you’ve been doing that already, maybe he has revealed it and you’re just overthinking it because it doesn’t look like anyone else’s “purpose.” Sit still so you can get clear.”


Which of your traits are you most proud of?

PH:I am most proud of my personality, my spirit, and my confidence.”


What’s your biggest goal for 2020?


PH: “One of my biggest 2020 goals is to educate myself more on financial literacy and to add more products and services to the PMH Collection.”


What’s your personal affirmation or a quote that keeps you going?


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


About Paris M. Hatcher


Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, world traveler, Paris Michelle Hatcher has always had a passion for life and fashion. In 2010, Paris started her own fashion blog, Where Sexy Meets Classy. Inspired by her parents, who would sacrifice anything for her, Paris decided to make a few sacrifices of her own. She worked 3 jobs in efforts to save up enough money to start her online boutique My Classy Closet in 2011.
A successful boutique owner and fashion blogger, Paris became highly sought out. As a result, she has made appearances on various media outlets such as Fox 8, The Good Morning Show with Oliver Thomas, The Money Dr. with Mildred Dillon and the Samantha Beaulieu Show to name a few. She’s also traveled to New York City to style for The Network’s F.A.M Magazine. Paris has had her own style segments, countless interviews and features gracing everything from television screens to red carpets. Naturally, she transitioned from red carpet to radio with her own fashion radio talk show, Style and Beauty Talk with Paris oWBOK. Paris was putting every bit of her Masters in Broadcast Journalism to work, however her desire for growth and expansion led her to Los Angeles, California.
Paris took L.A. by storm partnering with multiple brands, providing online style content and proving herself to be a power player. However, her 2-year stint came to an end after her father fell ill. Paris returned home to be with her parents during a very emotionally difficult time. The passing of her father, hero and best friend was heartbreaking. However, there was some light in the darkness. His absence in the physical made him even more present in the spiritual. Paris begin to do some soul searching and rediscovery. She realized she was not what she did, what she did was who she was … she, Paris M. Hatcher, was the brand and it was limitless.
This discovery lead to the launch of her Beauty, Health and Wellness site, A platform that has now inspired many to create the life of their dreams through her shared knowledge and motivation. Not only can readers look forward to transparency and knowledge about various topics such as: Self-Care + Self Love, Mental Health, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Money + Credit, Fitness and Spirituality but Paris will also be creating a slew of products via her Paris M. Hatcher Collection. Fall of 2019, she released her Prayer Journals, the first of many products from the PMH Collection.
To learn more about the brand or to unlock the key to living your best life and loving it; follow her on all platforms.
Personal: @parishatcher

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