The Toughest Soldiers: How Two Sisters Survived a Tragic Accident That Made Them Closer to God and Each Other

Asia Zenon & Desirea Route are the definition of strong women. After being involved in a car accident that would change their lives forever, the two sisters didn’t lose hope, and focused on God through the process remembering that he gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. We talked about the life changes after the accident, their unbreakable sisterly bond, future goals, the power of trusting God, and never giving up.


 I really don’t remember anything from the car accident. What happen oro how it happened. I didn’t even remember my kids being in the car. I had a TBI (Trumatic brain injury) where I was out of it for 75mins or more! From what was told, I was hit by two semi 18 wheelers. Then I was air lifted to a trauma hospital where I was hospitalized for 2 months and then transfered to a rehabilitation center for another month to learn to use my body again.  I sustained many injuries from breaking my neck, back ribs, pelvic bones, collarbone and much more intense injuries. I had to  wear my neck brace for 10 months day and night. I’ve had surgery after surgery and still 17 months later, I still experience pain and undergo procedures. But by the grace of God, I’m still here to tell my story. Some say I’m lucky. but I correct them every time and let them know I’m not lucky, I’M BLESSED!”

Asia Zenon


What I remember about the night of the accident is veering off the road & we made a huge sudden drop near the woods. At that point, I must have blacked out because I don’t remember exiting the vehicle but I do remember being laid out in the grass. When I went to get up I realized I couldn’t, and that something was wrong with me. I also was having a hard time breathing. Once a guy started talking to me, I realized we had been in an accident. I looked up at my niece and nephews and realized that I had to keep them near me. I just knew my sister was dead. All I could hear was cries and loud noises. I remember getting into the ambulance and at that point must have blacked out completely from the trauma.”

-Desirea Route




 Asia Zenon(left) & Desirea Route (right)

How was the “transitioning” stage after the accident occurred? What was the biggest challenges you faced and what did it teach you? 

Asia: “Whoa it was HARRRD!  But by grace of God, I never gave up. I can’t even begin to explain my biggest challenge. I have so many… I guess I can say my biggest challenge was not being able to take care of my children and providing for them like I normally would be able to! I guess it’s a true saying “ can’t nobody do for your kids like you do”! This whole situation has made me realize people say they will be there for you in hard times, but they really don’t mean it. It taught me to save up for rainy days because life can change in a blink of an eye!”

Desirea: ” I would have to say that I am still in the transitioning stages after the accident. The pain, family & friends, & not working. Dealing with family/friends taught me no matter how close you are to a person, once your situation changes…so does the people around you. Not working has taken a toll on me because I don’t have the finances that I did before. It just taught me to manage the funds I do get wisely. Oh, the pain…where do I begin here… this has taught me so much. Pain is only temporary & pain makes you strong. “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.”

What were your thoughts after experiencing something that changed your life forever? How did your loved ones react?

Asia: “My thoughts was “why me”? But as time went by, I’ve learned many of things from this situation. It showed me my true friends and loved ones. A lot of people folded on me because I wasn’t able to be that helping hand they always needed anymore. God revealed to me that they was only here to take, take, take and not adding anything to my life. Truthfully, I’m not mad but grateful.  It took me to have a traumatic change to realize people are not who I thought they were.”

Desirea: “Oh boy, first I wanted to contact the driver that caused the accident. How could this happen to me? Is this pain gonna ever end? My loved ones were scared, protective, and loving.”

image1 (1)

What advice would you give your younger self?

Asia: “Life don’t wait on anyone so live your life to the fullest! Do what makes you happy because when you dead and gone, life is going to keep going!”

Desirea: “Exercise more, stay healthy & in shape. I feel that if I had been living this way, then the recovery nor pain wouldn’t be so much.”

 How did the accident affect your relationship as sisters? Did your bond get closer? 

Asia: “Honestly, this car accident wasn’t a coincidence.  It was a way God answered one of my many prayers.  I always wanted a close bond with all my sister. Desirea and I really didn’t talk that much, but now you can’t get us off the phone lol. It really brought us beyond closer❣️ and I wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world!”

Desirea: “I can definitely say that it has brought us closer. If I go a day without talking to her, I’m panicking. Our bond got closer and I love it!”

image2 (2)

 How did your 3 children cope after the accident?

Asia: “My kids didn’t cope well after and are still having side affects to this day…”

What do you both like doing in your spare time?

Asia : “Anything that makes life memorable for my kids .”

Desirea: “Reading, and helping with ideas for Asia’s newly found passion.”

What are some of your goals and resolutions for 2019?

Asia: “Starting my own business. Getting back to my normal living and making a better life for me and my kids. “

Desirea: “Build a better relationship with God, love ME more, enroll back into school & finish my business degree.”

 Name an interesting fact about yourself. 

Asia: Very outgoing
Good hearted
Loud Mouth
Strong woman (as everyone says)

Desirea: “I was born on the first of the Year.”

You two are both strong, amazing women with strong mindsets. What advice do you have for people who just feel like giving up? 

Asia: “No matter how hard things may seem or get TRUST GOD through the process and  just know Better days are coming!”

Desirea: “GOD he got us this far, seek him, ask him, praise him, I promise baby whatever you are going through is not greater than our GOD…do you feel like this is your final destination? If not then keep pushing even if it’s baby steps you’re still making progress. Remember progress is better than no progress!”



About Asia Zenon


My name is Asia Zenon. I’m a native of Mandeville,La graduated from Mandeville high school c/o 2007 I  went to college have a degree as a Medical Assistant and CNA! Im a mother of 3 children Lamario Jr (12)  Ja’Khi(10) and Tylasia(8)  they are my world! I’m a very outgoing person but yet loves being to myself ! I’m very involved in church. Very family oriented and I  have a passion  to help other! I’m a Very goofy individual…

About Desirea Route

image3 (1)

Hi my name is Desirea Charday. I am 33 years old. A mother to 3 beautiful children Jaylah-12, Devin-9 & Denver-4. I am a Louisiana native but have lived in many places so I like to think of myself as being well cultured and able to adapt to many situations. After all I do believ,e that’s how I have been able to survive the aftermath of this ordeal. I am not lucky, I’m BLESSED!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathy Abram says:

    Such beautiful, heartfelt testimonies.Letting others know no matter what the situation maybe “God is in complete control”.

    Oprah, you have a gift from God to write and share with others life experiences expectations among other topics that desperately need to be shared.I pray God continue to use you to the fullest to enlighten,encourage and empower others.Love , Aunt Kathy


  2. Kathy Abram says:

    May Asia and Desirea continue to heal and believe and thank God for his divine protection.


    1. Lisa Nichols says:

      May God continue to use the both of you. God kept his Angels’s wings of protection spreaded around you all for a reason. Keep telling yall story! This is a mind changing for me. Lord work with me because I wanna be better😘😘 love yall


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