The Magazine Girl: Brandi Stampley Talks Fashion and Brandmii Enterprises

If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

-Brandi Stampley

As a woman with a vision, Brandi Stampley didn’t wait for the media industry to offer her a job. She created her own multi-media platform called Brandmii Enterprises which includes her New Orleans culture magazine, The Barbarian. and platform The Magazine Girl. As a fashion blogger and radio personality also, Brandi also believes “life is too short to wear boring clothes.” I chatted with the lovely Brandi as we discussed her multi media platform Brandmii Enterprises, the inspiration behind Magazine Girl, and her passion for fashion.

Brandi Stampley, Creator of Brandmii Enterprises, Fashion Blogger | Radio Personality

 What do you love most about media & fashion?

BS: “What I love most about media and fashion is the trends of the new styles and also the latest styles and what I do is, I re-create them.

What do you think it takes to become a successful blogger?

BS: “to become a successful blogger, I’m still trying to figure it out however you have to stay consistent by posting and blogging daily.”



What is your personal style and something you wear a lot?

BS: “my personal style is more vintage and I wear a lot of denim, I love denim.”

Has a mistake ever led you to success in your blogging career? 

BS: “I remember when young greatness died,  I made a post about how I felt about it and how it was messed up, but I used a lot of profanity and that post went viral, which I didn’t expect it to but it helped my blogging career because that brought more traffic to my blog.”

 Tell us about Magazine Girl. What inspired it?

BS: “The magazine girl was inspired by Instagram because everyone would refer to me as that, so I basically Trademark the name and that’s what I go by. Also, I created my own magazine because I have a degree in communications I love journalism, and I love writing so I decided to create my own form of media which was a culture magazine, which is now a fashion magazine.”


If you had 3 more extra hours in a day, what would you do with them?

BS: “If I had three more extra hours in the day I probably will sleep to be honest, but I try to use my time wisely by doing something for my brand. I always self educate by reading books and things like that.”

What is your favorite thing about being a blogger? 

BS: “I’m a fashion blogger but I guess you can say a lifestyle blogger also because I do express something that I do in my daily life and my personal life as well.”


What advice do you have for bloggers looking to partner with other brands and sponsors?

BS: “Collaboration is cool, however you have to know the partner and I believe in contacts just to keep things in order and agreement.”


 What do you like to do in your spare time?

BS: In my spare time, I would love to go fishing but the way my like it’s set up lol, I cook in my spare time and watch movies.

 What are some of your favorite fashion sayings or quotes?

BS:”One of my favorite fashion quotes are “Life is too short to wear boring clothes ” and I also tell people, ” you are what you wear” (in regards to personality) lol.





BrandMii Enterprises was created due the rejection that I received trying to find a job in the media industry. Therefore, I decided to create my own multi-media platform, which includes but not limited to… The Barbarin Magazine, my website ( and my job at Crescent City Radio station. The magazine is a New Orleans culture magazine, which is in dedication to my late great grandfather, Louis Barbarin who was a musician (drummer)in the Big Easy. I am also a writer and that’s where my blogging comes in place. I talk about random topics that can be featured in my magazine. I am also a radio personality on Tillmac’s Corner at Crescent City Radio. We air every Sunday from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and I also stream live on facebook every episode! I host various events and you can find me supporting a lot of local events as well. Whenever I’m at an event, I’m representing for BrandMii and networking too. Continue to stay tuned because there is much more in store!




Brandi Stampley ‘s Contact Info

Instagram: @brand_mii
Facebook:  Brandi Grimaldi -Stampley
Pinterest  : Brandi Stampley


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