Entreprenuer Shanti Bloodworth Talks Writing and Podcasting

As the author of “Why Side Chicks Winning” and the host of the podcast, The Shanti Helena Show, Shanti Bloodworth uses her platfrom to connect with others by sharing her own personal stories and experiences. I got a chance to catch up with Shanti and we talked about writing and podcasting, three rules before starting a business, and the favorite and least favorite parts about entrepreneurship.

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Shanti Bloodworth, Author & Podcaster


What inspired you to write your book, “Why Side Chicks Winning”? 

SB: “At the time of me writing my book, I was living that life and being surrounded by it. At the time, I was living my life to the fullest. I had an amazing job, my love life was on point, and I was highly happy. In the month of October of 2017 was when I decided to write my book. I was a Side Chick and was unaware. I do discuss the three different Side Chicks in my book as well. My book was my breaking point to help women in relationships and marriages. Why is the other woman able to win my man behind my back? My book will answer all the questions a woman would ever have about the other woman. However my book will help your relationship grow in all aspects of life.”

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned so far in running a creative business?

SB: “When you’re running a creative business you have to think long term. For example, when I wrote my book I had future plans of writing more relationships books, doing a YouTube Channel, starting a Podcast, creating a t-shirt line, and etc. Always think ahead and how to create multiple products that can connect as one product. “

If you were given 3 more hours in a day, how would you use them?

SB: “I would use my 3 hours to pray more, add more value into my business, and watch tv. “

What are your favorite and least favorite things about being an entrepreneur?

SB: “My Favorite: researching, crunching numbers, creating sales funnels, creating weekly topics, creating business plans, creating marketing plans, and motivating others.
My Least: Not enough time to complete certain tasks in 24 hours, certain plans not working in my favor, and failing.”

What inspired your podcast, The Shanti Helena Show?

SB: “The Shanti Helena Show was somewhat planned out. I had plans on starting my podcast in 2019. One morning in the late summer of 2018, I woke up  and was like “I’m about to start a Podcast.” I never did research on how to start a Podcast or nothing. I just googled how to start a podcast and downloaded the App. I recorded my first podcast in my car. After that recording I was good from that point. Now, I have over 20K listeners and I’m only on EP 29 in the last 6 months. “
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What are some of your most memorable interviews and moments on your podcast?

SB: “All my interviews are amazing honestly. I enjoy all my Podcast shows because I’m so real and honest. I never take notes before my show or even know what my show is about until 20 mins before. I always recap my week and that would be my topic. I think of my Podcast as my personal diary. I will drop some personal tea about self for my audience also. “

 What is the biggest sacrifice you’re made in your line of work?

SB: “I lost my job in August of 2017. Once I stopped working, I made a promise that I will complete things that I always wanted to do because I was working. I actually turned down a lot of jobs from August of 2017 to November of 2018. I lived off multiple streams of income I had created without working for someone else. “

 In your opinion, what are three things someone should consider before starting a business?

1. Have a Plan set aside : Think Long Term
2. Never count on your friends and family to support you because you will be disappointed.
3. Do research on your business first.
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What’s your favorite thing to do after a long day of work?

SB: “I enjoy coming home and relaxing. I typically drink a glass of Pinot Noir, call my hubby, and maybe watch TV.”

 What is your biggest goal for 2019?

SB: “My biggest goal for 2019 is complete my Masterclass for Book Authors. My Masterclass will be based around marketing for book authors. This class will help new book authors create a brand and make good money. In addition focus more on my T-Shirt line called Ghetto Success. The T-Shirts are available on my website at www.shantihelena.com/shop. “


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