Take the Shackles Off

When you read this title, some of you instantly thought of the song “Take The Shackles Off’ by Mary Mary. Classic, right? Plus, the lyrics tell a powerful message. Take the shackles off. Life appears differently for everyone. And shackles in our life complicates things. It comes in many forms. We have the shackles who hold the people who are incarcerated. We have the shackles … Continue reading Take the Shackles Off

The Struggles of Dating As a Christian Woman

As a Christian woman, the struggle is real when it comes to dating!” Sure, I know we’re supposed to wait until God brings our “soulmate” into our life, but if you’re human and fallen short like me, you’re hardheaded, have disobeyed God, and tried to get to know and date people that you had no business connecting with in the first place.  In the result, … Continue reading The Struggles of Dating As a Christian Woman

The Due Season

Hey My Loves, First off, Happy Friday! As we prepare for the weekend, I want to take a moment and highlight all the amazing things that happened on oprahzipbradford.com this week! For January, the site has already went over 8,000 visitors ! “The Future Is Female: 140 Women Who Inspire You” went viral this week making the first month of 2019 a memorable one for … Continue reading The Due Season

Mental Health: The Ish Is Real

Hey my loves, Once again I’m back with a blog from yours truly, but lemme warn y’all now that writing this gave me all the feels (yeah I know I always say that, but I can really feel it in my bones this time!). Even though at the moment my bones are COLD AF because Louisiana decided to be 30 degrees today! But that’s not … Continue reading Mental Health: The Ish Is Real


It still feels like yesterday. You. The newness. The opposite of me. The something I was missing. The unlimited craves. And the feels. It’s real. Looking at the moments that we share and make, it’s a beautiful thing. The unknown layers being seen. The little things you do that aggravates me. But yet, I’m opening.   The peace in you has me spoiled. Making me … Continue reading Open.

Say NO to “Sidelines” and “Situationships”

We have all heard the term “sideline”. Some more than others. But before we get started, let’s discuss the definition: Sideline Chick/Man- a person dating a person who is already in a relationship or has a spouse. Many women and men have been in this position even after they swore to ourselves it would never happen to them. Some of us play the position knowing … Continue reading Say NO to “Sidelines” and “Situationships”