It still feels like yesterday. You. The newness. The opposite of me. The something I was missing. The unlimited craves. And the feels. It’s real. Looking at the moments that we share and make, it’s a beautiful thing. The unknown layers being seen. The little things you do that aggravates me. But yet, I’m opening.   The peace in you has me spoiled. Making me … Continue reading Open.

Say NO to “Sidelines” and “Situationships”

We have all heard the term “sideline”. Some more than others. But before we get started, let’s discuss the definition: Sideline Chick/Man- a person dating a person who is already in a relationship or has a spouse. Many women and men have been in this position even after they swore to ourselves it would never happen to them. Some of us play the position knowing … Continue reading Say NO to “Sidelines” and “Situationships”

The Single Woman: How To Love and Live Freely

I hope you are not that single woman who is feeling sorry for herself because she is not in a relationship. If you are, I hope this blog inspires you and you have a change of heart after reading the tips I have on how to be single and how to live freely. As a single woman, it is challenging to find a balance to … Continue reading The Single Woman: How To Love and Live Freely