THE COME-UP: Dr. Oliver Reid Shares His Journey on Becoming ‘The Relationship Architect’

Dr. Oliver T. Reid, also known as The Relationship Architect has developed a series of solution focused empowerment workshops, coaching techniques, master classes, products and conferences. I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Reid about what past relationships taught him, I am a Solution Consulting Firm LLC, and what it takes to be an influential leader. 

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Dr. Oliver T. Reed, The Relationship Architect

At what point in your life did you become The Relationship Architect?

OTR: “Before meeting with my life coach, I felt like I was providing services/ solutions to people but I felt like  I was all over the place. During our session, he gave me an assessment to measure my skill set and or life purpose. With guidance, I soon discovered that my common thread in providing services to the masses were relationship building. My coach told me I was “The Relationship Architect.” It stuck with me every since.”

 In your past experiences with your personal relationships, how did it change you for the better as a man? 

OTR: “I experienced so much pain in my previous and current relationships that it fuels my passion to help others. I’ve learned to milk the crises in my past relationships and in doing so I’m becoming a better man not a bitter one. My experiences with relationships have taught me that I’m not what I touched or what touched me, but I am imprinted by what I hold on to by learning to let go.”

In your opinion, what are some misconceptions people have about relationships?

All men are the same and require the same things.
If the relationship looks good on the surface it must be good for the people involved. Material things define love.
Relationships define who you are.”


What’s your definition of success? Has a mistake ever led to success?

OTR: “Relentless pursuit of becoming the solution.  Yes, often my failures have been my success in reverse. Simply meaning when I failed, I’ve I learned to make quick adjustments to get back on the right track. I believe in these 3 principles: Failing Fast. Failing to Never Stay Down. Fail In the Open.”


 What’s the best advice you received when you were starting out in your career as a speaker and author? 

“To stay hungry, honest, and humble.”

What’s the best advice you have for someone who hasn’t found their purpose on Earth yet?

You’re a solution to a well thought out plan you just have to find the solution. The process makes perfect not the practice. When you embrace the solution with then your purpose and destiny will marry each other.”


 What’s your biggest goal this year?

OTR: “To improve healthy relationships around the global through my speaking and pop up game parties.”


 Which traits do you consider important to become a influential leader and motivator? 

OTR: “The traits to be flexible. Must be a servant leader in thought and in deeds. It’s imperative to lead in the open and behind closed doors. Must be vulnerable above and under the surface. Should be a forward thinker.”

Tell us more about I Am a Solution Consulting Firm, LLC. 

OTR: “I Am a Solution and I Am A Solution Consulting Firm, LLC  is a global entity aimed at empowering men and women to change the world. We offer an  wide array of consulting and coaching services from relationship/life coaching to development of literary manuscripts.”

In moments of adversity, how do you build yourself back up?  

OTR: “I realize that I can’t stop the winds of adversity from coming . I’ve come to grips that I’m not in control of the storms I face or will encounter, but I’m determined with God’s help and guidance to OUT LIVE THEM. So I build myself by increasing my reliance and dependency on my creator.”

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About Dr. Oliver T. Reid

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Reid is married to Miatta Reid and a proud father. Dr. Reid graduated from Winston Salem State University with a BA/BS degree in History and Sociology, and earned a Master’s in Theology from Life Christian University. Dr. Oliver T. Reid obtained his PHD in Christian Counseling in 2013 from Clarity International University. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Ministry in Theology degree from Life Christian University. 

Dr. Oliver T. Reid has used God’s blessings and favor upon his life in the marketplace, as Founder of ECKLESIA Professional Development Center in 2001, and Founder of M.I.N.D. Consulting in 2007. Dr. Reid provides consulting and coaching services to distinguished entities through his companies. In 2013, Reid launched the I Am a Solution and I Am A Solution Consulting Firm, LLC a global entity aimed at empowering men and women to change the world.  Dr. Reid “The Relationship Architect “ is also a seasoned trainer, relationship, leadership, ministry life coach, motivational speaker, solution strategist, and multi bestselling and award winning author.  His first book, Don’t Press Fast Forward, was released in 2010, international bestsellers Spiritual GPS, in 2013, and Words From the Low Place in 2014. Dr. Reid has recently launched a variety of other books: Manhandled “Hidden Codewords That Impact Men and The People That Love Them”, Manhandled Relational Guide”, Pit Masters, Nine Keys to Keeping a Vision Fresh, and his widely anticipated course Ministry Not Impossible. In addition, Dr. Oliver T. Reid “The Relationship Architect is the creator of the revolutionary relationship game “The InnerView”, which  hit shelves in 2019.

Using his God-given passion to help others uncover their solutions within, Dr. Reid has traveled the world providing solutions on 4 continents and spoken to over a million people. Dr. Reid has been featured on the following network and media outlets: ABC, Black Enterprise, CBS, Comcast, Fox,  Huff Post, Time Warner Cable, and NBC. 

Instagram: @_therelationshiparchitect



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