Finding God in the Darkness

Everyone goes through different seasons in life. Our situations and moods change just like the weather and we have to adjust the best way possible. Sometimes we don’t adjust the way we should because we’re imperfect and human. It would be a nice feeling to always be happy, but the idea is impossible. Plus, if you always had a happy life, you wouldn’t know how to appreciate life when life isn’t working out the way you want it to. That’s why dark times are important in our life. We mope and groan and ask God, “Why me? This couldn’t have happened at a worse time.” We may hate the experiences, but we have the option to come out stronger after the storm…if we learn the lesson taught in our dark season.

In every season, there is sunshine and darkness. It also might be a little bit of both in some cases. I’m pretty sure everybody has experienced the “sunshine” season. It seems like everything is working out for you and nothing seems to be going wrong. You just got promoted at your new job. You just purchased a new car. You just became a homeowner. You just got married. You just quit your job and became an entrepreneur! Changes are happening in your life and you’re excited. Whatever the case may be, you’re on cloud nine and nothing can take away your happiness…until you lose one of the things I just mentioned above. You try to remain positive and pray, but the situation doesn’t seem to get better. Then it seems like everything just start going downhill. 

What do you do?

You get back up.

Even it is means you have to crawl to get where you were before.

It is so easy to tell someone “It’s going to be okay, hang in there” when they are experiencing hurt in their life. It is easy to “encourage” someone when you can’t relate to them or never been in their shoes. It is so easy to automatically fix your mouth to say “I’ll be praying for you” even if you don’t mean it.

So why do people do and say these things?

It’s simply because they may be in a “sunshine” season. They may not be experiencing what you are experiencing at the time. Of course people don’t want you to rain on their party with your problems. That is why you can’t confide in just anybody. You can’t just have anybody “praying” for you. God puts people in your life for a reason, and sometimes just a season. Everybody will not care about what you’re going through, and that’s the people you should avoid, even in your sunshine season. If a person doesn’t care for you when you’re down, they shouldn’t be in your life when you get up.

Nobody likes the “darkness” season. It’s a season where you feel like everybody is against you and you can’t catch a break. When you feel like you’re getting ahead, something else pops up bringing you back behind. Your bills are due. The enemy is attacking you on your job or at your home. Toxic people are entering your life. It can be numerous reasons why you’re not happy in this season, but being a Christian and a vessel for God is not always a easy job or an easy life. We pray to have a joyous life, but sometimes we must suffer and still keep our joy. There is this phrase called “uncomfortable grace”-, a time where we are supposed to display ourselves gracefully to the world even though we may be sad inside. Some people can do this and fool people into thinking they have it all together. Others, not so much.

The darkest hours in your life are the times when you need to be seeking God the most. Rejoice him in the good and bad. 

Material things come and go. When he taketh away, he can also bless you with something better when your season is over. Ask yourself what is the lesson that needs to be learned in this season.

Do I need to let something or someone go?

What is God trying to teach me from this?

Why am I not prospering like I want to?

These are the answers you seek in your dark season. It may be tough. It may be hard to give up something that is hindering you in your life. But you have to ask yourself, “is this worth my salvation?” or “is this worth my happiness?”

Let toxic emotions go. Let toxic people go. Enjoy your sunshine seasons and don’t take them for granted. Learn from your dark seasons and don’t get discouraged, for this too shall pass.


Until next time, 



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