Finding God in the Darkness

Everyone goes through different seasons in life. Our situations and moods change just like the weather and we have to adjust the best way possible. Sometimes we don’t adjust the way we should because we’re imperfect and human. It would be a nice feeling to always be happy, but the idea is impossible. Plus, if you always had a happy life, you wouldn’t know how … Continue reading Finding God in the Darkness

D’Audrea Smith Empowers Young Girls to the World of Entreprenuership

Spreading the love of God using her voice as a blogger, writer, and encourager, comes as second nature for D’Audrea Smith. Her selfless goal to empower young women to follow God and their dreams has been the motivation behind many of her endeavors. Most notably, her podcast Daily Dose of Inspiration gives voice to her passion. She also host empowering events to introduce young girls … Continue reading D’Audrea Smith Empowers Young Girls to the World of Entreprenuership

I’m a Bad Christian

Hello. If this is your first time reading a blog on here, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Oprah “Zip” Bradford and I’m the founder of To the world, I may look like I have it all together, but I’m a work in progress internally and externally. I am too emotional at times. I get stressed about things I can’t control (even … Continue reading I’m a Bad Christian

Take the Shackles Off

When you read this title, some of you instantly thought of the song “Take The Shackles Off’ by Mary Mary. Classic, right? Plus, the lyrics tell a powerful message. Take the shackles off. Life appears differently for everyone. And shackles in our life complicates things. It comes in many forms. We have the shackles who hold the people who are incarcerated. We have the shackles … Continue reading Take the Shackles Off

The Struggles of Dating As a Christian Woman

As a Christian woman, the struggle is real when it comes to dating!” Sure, I know we’re supposed to wait until God brings our “soulmate” into our life, but if you’re human and fallen short like me, you’re hardheaded, have disobeyed God, and tried to get to know and date people that you had no business connecting with in the first place.  In the result, … Continue reading The Struggles of Dating As a Christian Woman

The Due Season

Hey My Loves, First off, Happy Friday! As we prepare for the weekend, I want to take a moment and highlight all the amazing things that happened on this week! For January, the site has already went over 8,000 visitors ! “The Future Is Female: 140 Women Who Inspire You” went viral this week making the first month of 2019 a memorable one for … Continue reading The Due Season