D’Audrea Smith Empowers Young Girls to the World of Entreprenuership

Spreading the love of God using her voice as a blogger, writer, and encourager, comes as second nature for D’Audrea Smith. Her selfless goal to empower young women to follow God and their dreams has been the motivation behind many of her endeavors. Most notably, her podcast Daily Dose of Inspiration gives voice to her passion. She also host empowering events to introduce young girls to the world of entrepreneurship, while also inspiring who God created them to be. She is a woman on a mission to fulfill her purpose and effect a nation. I got the honor to catch up with D’Audrea as we chatted about her latest book and the life of being an Entreprenuer.

D’Audrea Smith, Author & Entrepreneur

Tell us about your personal journey.

DS: “As a young woman life has been full of ups and downs. I have to learn a lot early and grow up faster than I wanted too. I loss my mother my sophomore year of college, which drastically changed my life. I’ve dealt with depression, suicidal thoughts, and battled with low self-esteem. I now stand victorious because God carried me through it all. I’m now a happily married, a mother and entrepreneur. I’ve overcome everything that tried to destroy me.”


 What inspired you to write your book Beauty in my Brokenness?


DS: “After the loss of my mother I began to write. Writing helped me through my pain. I never had to intention to write a book throughout my process of healing. God always has a plan for what we go through. So once I truly got free from everything that tried to keep me bound, I decided to compile all my experiences into a book. I wanted to encourage someone else and let them know that they too can make it. My prayer is that every reader finds hope. I hope that they would see that there is purpose in there pain.”


 How did you get started into entrepreneurship? What inspired you to do it?

DS: “Everything seem to stem from the loss of my mother. After losing her I was in such a low place, inspiring others helped me. God gave me an idea to start a tshirt line called, “More than a pretty face”. After that I started doing more motivational tshirts that empowered young female hustlers. When I had my son I took a break from tshirts and started working on my book. Now I’m focused on hosting events for young women, promoting my book, and motivating young women. My mom was also a entrepreneur, so I was introduced to entrepreneurship at a early age. My mom did everything from avon, owning a restaurant, a boutique, and owning a teen club. She was my inspiration.”


 What are you favorite and least favorite things about being an entrepreneur?

DS: “Throughout this journey as an entrepreneur my favorite thing thus far is being able to do what I love. Being able encourage others with my creative gifts is such a blessing. My least favorite thing is the amount of work it takes to be your own boss. It’s a lot! You have to promote yourself, market yourself, and be your own encourager. Big businesses can afford to pay others to all the things small businesses have to do for themselves. It take work to build a brand, but it is worth it.”

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received when you were starting out?

DS: “I searched and searched for help starting out. It was surprising how I could find no mentor or no one to assist me. I didn’t really receive advice, but I did receive encouragement from customers.”


 What are the bible scriptures or personal motto that helps you overcome challenges in life?

DS: “My personal motto is that obstacles don’t come to break you, but they come to make you better. If God brings you to it He will bring you through. 2 Timothy tells us that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind. That scripture comforts me, I should not be afraid of what I face, but comforted that God will be with me through whatever I face.”


 In moments of adversity, how do you deal with setback and challenges?


DS: “Prayer, Prayer Prayer! I can’t stress enough about how prayer sustains me and keeps me. In hard times I pray. I pray the answer and not the problem. I declare God’s word over the situation and pray that He gives me patience until He steps in.”


 What’s the first thing you do every morning to start your day on the right foot?


DS: “I love the bible app. I use to roll over and check my social media, which is a bad habit. I now roll over read a scripture and say a prayer. I also listen to worship music on the way to work. It really gets me in the right place in the morning.”

 Name some women whom you admire and look up to.


DS: “Most importantly I look up to my mother, the late Minister Deborah Peoples. She was my everything. A woman of love and wisdom. I also look up to Tamera Mowry. I absolutely love her personality, courage, and how she carries herself. As a mother, I admire her.”


 What is your biggest goals this year?


DS: “This year my goal is to sell 500 books, book at least 3 speaking engagements, and plan a retreat for next year.”


 What are 3 things aspiring entrepreneurs should consider before starting a business?

  • Support will not always be there, people will say they will buy something but not always keep their word.
  • It’s not easy, it takes work to push your product and build your brand.

  • You will have months where sales are booming, and some months where you’re not selling at all. Make sure you have sales at the right time, and don’t be discouraged when your numbers are down.


About D’Audrea Smith



Wife, mother, and entrepreneur, are just some words that describe this phenomenal woman of God known as D’Audrea Smith.

The sudden loss of her mother in 2011 triggered feelings of depression and contemplation of suicide. This proved the perfect atmosphere for God to meet her in her pain, and birth her true purpose. Now, that purpose is being displayed on an international forum through her book, “Beauty In My Brokenness. Smith’s platform is one that she subscribes to daily by inspiring, motivating, and encouraging young women to follow God, and live a life that is pleasing to Him.

Website to purchase book:www.daudreasmith.com

Girls Run the World Summit:www.girlsruntheworldsummit.org

Facebook: D’Audrea Smith 

Twitter: daudrea_smith 

Instagram: @daudreasmith 

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