Ashley Carter Spreads Her Greatness Through FabEllis & Triad Women Bloggers Network

As the creator and editor of FabEllis, an affordable beauty& lifestyle blog, award-winning blogger Ashley Carter opened doors for other women bloggers creating a space to chat about goals and network with other PR groups & businesses. I got the honor to catch up with her as we discussed her fashion and beauty must haves,  resources for running a creative business, and how she stays fabolous!!


Ashley Carter, Creator of FabEllis & Triad Women Bloggers Network 

What motivated you to starting your blogging network? 


AC: “I started the Triad Women Bloggers Network because I saw a need thatneeded to be filled and I got tired of waiting for someone else to do it. Prior to moving to Greensboro in 2014, I lived in Raleigh and had been blogging for quite some time. In Raleigh, going to blogger events and working with local businesses was very common so when I moved to Greensboro, I was shocked to not see meetups, blog groups or networking events for bloggers. I spent my first two years in Greensboro often traveling to neighboring cities to events, but I began to realize that there needed to be something here in Greensboro for us! I began @triadwbn to really have a place for local bloggers to have a place to connect, share and network. We meet up quarterly for fun events that include learning about local businesses, connecting with PR groups and chatting about our goals. ” 


What are your makeup and fashion must haves?

AC: “When it comes to makeup, I love a simple look with a bold pop of lipstick. Two of my makeup go tos are always L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer and Maybelline Matte and Poreless Foundation. These two really keep my makeup popping and looking fresh on long days. I also love just about any and every lipstick, but Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored is my all time favorite red lipstick.
In fashion, I really believe in creating a versatile wardrobe. One of the keys to this I believe is by having great basics. Everyone should have a great pair of jeans, fun pants, a denim jacket and tons of tees. If you look at the majority of my outfits, you will see that I often start with a basic tee, good jeans and I build around it by adding pieces like a great blazer or jacket and fun accessories. “

Name the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running a business.

AC: “I truly believe in running a business I have learned two key lessons. One is to always prepare early. Many may not know, but for years, I have been a procrastinator. That simply does not work when it comes to running a business. Preparing early for me includes scheduling blog posts, meetups, photoshoots, etc as early as possible to allow time to create the best possible content and events.
I have also learned that it’s OK to work and still have a business. I know so many entrepreneurs are ashamed of going back to work after going full-time into entrepreneurship, but they simply shouldn’t be. I worked from home full-time for about four months and found the constant solitude a bit depressing for me. For my own mental health and to create another form of income, I began working part time. It honestly was one of the healthiest decisions I’ve made for myself. Plus, having that extra line of income during slower months is always great. “

What resources would you recommend to someone starting a creative business?

AC: “I would highly recommend visiting your local small business center. Before taking the leap, I met with a representative there about my goals as well as to learn about registering my business. I also recommend going to free networking events to learn from other creatives.”

plus size kimono

Where do you usually shop and what are your favorite stores?

AC: “If you were to see me shopping, you will likely find me at Lane Bryant, Target or a local thrift store. I also really enjoy online shopping with Simply Be.”

What is your favorite thing about being a successful lifestyle blogger?

AC: “One of my favorite things about being a lifestyle blogger in general is being able to share what I love with my audience. It’s a blessing that people enjoy me just being myself. Nothing will beat that feeling.”

What is your personal or professional motto?

AC: “My blog motto is to “stay fab.” However, my personal motto will always be Romans 8:28 — “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


What did you want to be when you were a child?

AC: “Funny enough, I actually wanted to be a news anchor. I loved the idea of being on television. As I got older and fell in love with writing, I wanted to work as a magazine editor. In so many ways, I feel that I have been able to actually create my own dream job that perfectly fits me.”

How has your business changed you as a person?

AC: “My business has certainly made me even more confident in who I am. I never thought I would be bold enough to leave my full-time job to pursue my dream and two years later, here I am. I am forever grateful to God and my husband that I can do this!”
Stay fab!


Ashley Carter is an award-winning blogger and writer.  She is the creator and editor of FabEllis, an affordable beauty, life and style blog.  Her passion is encouraging women and she is dedicated to showing women how to embrace their God-given beauty.  Through her blog and social media, she shares godly, go-getter inspiration, how to be fabulous on a budget and a glimpse into her daily life.
In addition to FabEllis, Ashley is the creator of the Triad Women Bloggers Network.  This network of over 80 women is a community that allows women in or near the Triad a space to connect, grow and share as they continue to build their blogs, brands and online presence.   Also, Ashley has recently been highlighted as an award-winning influencer by Carusele.
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