Juice Expert Maya Chambers on being a Mompreneur and Staying Healthy

It’s a new year and its a fresh start to get more healthier! I caught up with Nutrition Head Coach and Juice Expert Maya Chambers as she discussed starting MayaGoddess Juices, being a successful mompreneur, and everyday tips for a healthier lifestyle.


What inspired you to start MayaGoddess Juices?

MC: “I was inspired to start Maya Goddess Juices after being asked by several people about the health benefits. I would post my daily juice recipes and over time. It felt very organic to make it into a business/career.”

What are some of your favorite plant based juices you have created? 

MC: “My favorite plant based juices usually have different supergreens. I love love greens – kale, spinach, dandelion greens, fennel, parsley and I usually add one to 2 fruits. I’m accustomed to the taste. Also because of the many benefits, when I drink my juices, I know I am drinking my daily dose of essential nutrients: minerals, vitamins, and fiber. “

Tell us a typical day in your life being a momprenuer! What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?

MC: ” A typical day as a momprenuer is waking up when my daughter wakes up at 7am. I make her breakfast and a fresh juice. I make all her meals. Her breakfast is either quinoa cereal with chia seeds or soaked oats with almond milk flaxseeds and a bowl of fresh fruit. After she eats, I drink my hot water with lemon. I check my schedule to see if I have orders, check my emails, depending on the day I will prepare selling my goodies at the weekend farmers market. Few days out the week, I’m a sub teacher and work with children. My schedule can be busy, but I’ve learned to manage it for my daughters as she is my number 1 priority. I have my family’s help and I am blessed to be able to make my own schedule, so my daughter’s needs are not neglected.
There are challenges I have faced as a single mom, one especially taking time for myself and worrying about finances. I have gotton better at self care. I stretch and meditate. My daughter now joins me. Having a steady job while working on my business has helped with a steady income. Worrying doesnt help and once I let that go, the abundance flows. “

What is your personal motto?

MC:One of my personal mottos is whatever you are temporarily experiencing if it’s feeling hurt, disappointment sadness lost, there is something to be grateful for. Focus on that and your whole day will shift. Trust me.”

As a nutrition coach, what are some simple lifelong tips for healthy hair, skin, and body? 

MC: “As a certified nutrition coach and Juice Expert, I recommend simple lifelong tips for healthy hair, skin, and body is drink your greens. It’s vital to get your daily dose of minerals. Proper sleep, sunlight, water, and limit processed foods. Eat plant based  foods rich in vitamins and antioxidents. Not only does it give you a overall radiant glow, it’s imperative for your mental health.”

What resources would you recommend to someone creating a creative business?

MC: “A great resource I would recommend to someone creating a business is go to your local Library. Look up how to write a proposal, business plan, and do research on grants. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better you are as an imspiring business owner.”

What characteristic do you most admire in other creative women?

MC: “The characteristic I admire most in other creative women is their drive, boldness, intellect, strength, determination, positivity and vision. My abuela, my mother, my aunt, Michelle Obama, Oprah and the many other  nameless women pushing hard day to day.” ♥️


Maya Chambers is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Juice Expert spreading awareness about the amazing benefits of healthy foods, juicing daily and healthy living. Recently started baby friendly organic homemade cookies called “Yara Sweet’s” inspired by her daughter. Who loves the delicious healthy vegan cookies. Maya has had the pleasure of coaching and teaching Nutrition for 6 years to great results and positive feedback from celebrity clients, also works with non-profit organizations, featured in various magazines, radio stations and television shows. 

Instagram: mayagoddesshealth
Juices sold at the Hudson Valley Farmers Market

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