How to Avoid Procrastination and Achieve The Art of Self-Discipline

Hey my loves,

Have you ever woke up in the morning in the best mood? You have a breakfast fit for a King/Queen and you feel on top of the  world! You tell yourself that you’re going to get so much accomplished today and nothing can damper this awesome mood you’re in. Then the day flows. Everything might not have went as planned, but overall you can’t complain. It was a good day, but it was also exhausting and overwhelming! By the time you get home, you’re already pushing your goals until tomorrow. You’re tired and the only motivation you have is to take a shower and call it a night. You tell yourself it’s okay, I’ll just do my to-do tomorrow. It’s no big deal. It’s not a big deal until you realize procrastination is not your friend and you only screw yourself in the mind. I repeat PROCRASTINATION is not your friend!



Self-Discipline can be your friend, but it’s a friendship that doesn’t come quite easy if you’re not motivated to do things when they need to be done even when you don’t feel like doing them! For things that are required for us to do (going to work, taking care of our family etc.), we do it without question no matter how tired we may be and we don’t try to procrastinate because we know it needs to be done. What if we had that same mindset towards our goals and aspirations? What if we really treated our dreams like a job we couldn’t miss? What if we took no days off and started seeing the improvements in our life?

Sure, shit happens and every day will be unpredictable. You may have to juggle some things around or reschedule priorities, but always make it a goal to get it done. If something is steadily on your brain, there is a great chance its something you’re supposed to be focusing and working on. Here are some tips to practice self-discipline and to stick with your goals even when you don’t feel motivated to complete them:

•Write your goals down/ Make a vision board/Start a gratitude journal.

•Recite daily affirmations.

•Have a routine that fits your schedule and set your goals on your off days.

•Break your goals from small to biggest and set deadlines for completion.

•Rest, but don’t quit.

•Hang around positive and influential people.

•Set personal goals.

•Your situation should be your motivation! Keep going!

•Look at the bigger picture and remember why you started.


                This too shall pass.  It’s only impossible if you don’t do it.



Until next time,




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