CEO Jasmine Murray Talks Milan360 Agency, Online Presence,and Creative Branding

Jasmine Murry has created Milan360 to propel her vision with a new look and new service features. Milan360 Agency offers a multitude of brand help features to aid in the exposure of clients in the entertainment, sports, tech, fashion, travel, beauty & wellness, and lifestyle industry. I caught with Jasmine as we chatted about running an agency, strategy, creativity, and marketing.

Jasmine Murray headshot
Jasmine Murray, CEO of Milan 360 Agency

 What inspired the start-up of Milan 360 Agency? 

JM: “Milan360 was formerly known as JMPR. I created the agency originally because I wanted to provide more opportunities for small business owners and influencers who deserved exposure. In addition to that, I was always inspired to build a team with young rising moguls who genuinely wanted to learn. I have never cared much about my interns and staff having experience. I can teach you how to draft a press release or pitch to mainstream media, but I want team members that are really interested and have the passion that I do. “

In PR, what are the most important things to remember when it comes strategy and creativity?

JM: “I would say the most important things to remember would have to be renewing your strategies and always finding new ways to be creative. Operating a full service agency for 3 years, and being in PR for a total of 7 years, you can only imagine the changes I’ve seen across many industries. When industries change and the need in media stories are evolving, my creativity and pitching strategies are constantly being renovated and relearned.”

 What are your favorite and least favorite things about running a successful branding agency? 

JM: “My favorite thing about running a branding agency is being able to do things my way. Times are changing and there are so many opportunities for young, innovative minds. You can start as early as you want, and very rarely will you see a “wrong” way to be creative. Always be professional and keep your formality – but creativity has no limits!
My least favorite thing is sometimes the long nights, and how many times I have overworked myself. I’m so grateful for every client, every supporter, and all the busy moments, but business owners have to learn proper self-care. That concept gets swept under the rug too often because you get so caught up in maintaining everyone else’s brand and their interests that you forget about your own. “

What start-up services would you recommend a person to look into if they want to start their own agency?

JM: “For branding, I would say to start with the most common services that people need. Social media is huge right now! It’s a great way to make money for those that know how to use it. If you can educate yourself on the best ways to optimize social media and technology, you can make a lot of money right now. “

What does success mean to you? Has a mistake ever led to success?

Success is doing what makes you happy and fulfills your goals. I am going to celebrate my smaller accomplishments just as much as the larger ones. In this business, you have to constantly uplift yourself because not many people will do it for you. I was successful before I ever created an agency, simply because I wake up everyday and walk like I am successful. No one can tell me that I am not gifted, and talented, and blessed.
Ironically enough, I never wanted to operate a business. After a horrible break up that left me financially ruined, I figured I had no other choice but to do something crazy and take a risk… so I started a business because I had nothing to lose. It ended up being a huge success and one of the best decisions I have ever made. “

What is the key to building online presence in your brand?

JM: “My number one piece of advice to building online presence is to be genuine and relatable. So many people are afraid to show who they are when it comes to branding themselves and their business, but my transparency in the industry is what has made so many people want to connect with me.”

 In moments of adversity, how do you build yourself back up?

JM: “I have had so many low moments, and I truly couldn’t have made it through without the strength of my friends and the strength of God. I am made in His image. All the power is in His hands, so no one can determine my last day in this industry, but Him. No one can determine how much I can endure, but Him. Many times I’ve thought to myself, “this is it. I quit,” and one week later I was working a major red carpet event or signed a new client. I’m grateful for the many times that I have proven myself wrong.”

You were a keynote speaker this year a BYOB Live! What was that experience like and what did you learn?

JM: “BYOB live was such an amazing experience. Andrew and the entire BYOB team are geniuses! To be in a room with so many millennial creatives who just want to learn from one another and inspire has never made me feel more powerful. That event was truly the epiphany that we all needed to get up, get our stuff together, and just keep working.”

What are some books/podcasts that changed your life?

JM: “One book that is currently changing my life is, “The Art Of Not Giving A Fuck.” Crazy, right? I think I’ve cared so much about things that have made me physically sick. I have drained myself over things that just aren’t that deep. This book is teaching me to work hard, make myself happy, do what I want, and not letting outside factors determine what makes me tick or smile. It’s a great read.”

What’s your biggest goal this year?

JM: “My biggest goal for this year is to put people in position. I really want to build myself up so that I can have a full nationwide team on payroll. What I do for my clients is great, but what I can do for my industry is greater. “

About Jasmine Milan Murray


Jasmine Milan Murray entered the branding industry as a brand ambassador and event coordinator for the lifestyle, liquor company, Ciroc Vodka, at only 19 years old. While establishing her brand as ‘Your Most Dependable PR Girl,’ she was leading brands and large projects including The AAMBC Literary Awards hosted by Cynthia Bailey, the 2016 ONE Musicfest headlined by Ice Cube and The Dungeon Family, corporate sponsored events in partnership with brands like MCM, Hennessy and Moet, and many red carpet awards shows. In 2017, Jasmine launched JMPR Public Relations and Event Management Agency with the mission of elevating brands through the public and connecting media to newsworthy talent.
Jasmine has had the pleasure of working with an array of diverse talent including stars on E! Entertainment, WeTv, Vh1!, large documentary series, reputable NFL and MLB sports players, music sensations, social media influencers, and an endless number of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle clientele.
Outside of PR, Jasmine has created Cupcakes and Convos to highlight her advocacy for sexual abuse awareness and suicide prevention. Jasmine is also in the process of finalizing her first children’s book, “My Little Publicist,” which was written to teach small girls and boys more about creative industries.

Contact Info

Jasmine Milan Murray
IG: @jasminemilan @milan360agency

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