Surviving Your Chaos Before Your Blessing Comes

You ever heard the saying, “There’s a storm before the rainbow”?

Bad things start to happen out of nowhere. We stress about them and think how things are going to work itself out. Then it happens: the rainbow comes and there’s a blessing in the storm. As humans, we are not perfect. No matter our religious beliefs, it is hard to not worry about something no matter how strong our faith is. Even though we know things will happen like they should, we feel obligated to do our best to make things go by smoother. But also failing to realize maybe God wants us to suffer a little to rely on him more. It’s in our nature to be like this and sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing it. When you see a person get blessed with a new car, new home, financial breakthrough etc, what do you tell yourself: “Man, they got lucky ” OR “How long did they have to wait and pray to get that blessing”? The same question should apply in your life. Are you patient during your storm? Do you act up or become bitter when your life is in chaos? I’ve learned that God teaches us a lesson in everything he does in our life. There is a reason why you haven’t received the thing you pray the hardest for yet. Either God is blocking it for your own good or it’s just not your time yet. What you’re looking at might look like gold to the human eye, but it might be rotten to God. We make mistakes. He doesn’t. If there is a lot of rain in your life right now, remember the rainbow has to come eventually. Ask for discernment. Look for the lesson in your season. Be aware of your surroundings. We tend to forget certain things and certain people can hinder our blessings. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching salvation. Don’t let anything keep you from what God promised in your life. There will always be some sort of chaos in your life. Most importantly, it’s how you deal with it and that will affect how big the blessing will be in your life. Always remember pain comes with purpose. Although we go through pain in life, it shouldn’t define us. It takes courage to keep going after you’ve been knocked down a few times. Never be scared to start over. Always choose you.♥️

He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. –Matthew 8:26



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