THE COME-UP: Franckie Francois on Short Film ‘Residue’ and Big Dreamers Brotherhood

Franckie Francois is an actor and writer best known for the films Brown Girls Begin, Anne with an E,  IRL  The Series , and Get Shorty. With Big Dreamers Brotherhood also known as BDB became a production company, it was Franckie’s vision and six close friends (who all happen to be actors) who were the masterminds behind creating it.

Franckie’s latest film is called Residue, a short film that captures the effects of PTSD and police brutality. The film focuses on the life of Valerie, a woman who witnesses her fiance’s murder. Residue was written by Leighton Williams, directed by Shonna Foster, and Franck co-produced and co-starred in the film. Residue received rave reviews and positive feedback as it circulated through the festival circuit through the Actra Yeaa sports program to The ReelWorld Film Festival where it premiered before being acquired by CBC (Candadian Broadcasting Company) for their Canadian Diverse Initiative Program Launch.

residue- movie photo-frank

Big Dreams Brotherhood (BDB) manifested from an idea into a production company  that is showing no signs of stopping as they are successfully creating more films in the future. The team that makes BDB possible are Franck Fon (also known as Franckie Francois) , Emmanuel jr Ofori, Lovell Adams- Gray, Leighton Alexander Williams, Adrian Walters, Brandon McKnight, and Ryan Rosery.

As an actor who’s been in the game for over a decade, Franckie Francois felt like something was still missing in his career. With BDB was founded, it opened up a diverse space for films. Franckie’s mission is to always bring something different to the film industry by displaying the reality we all need to see.

About Franckie Francois 


Franckie Francois works consists of being in TV series such as IRL: The Series Episode 9,  Season 2 of Anne with An E, and Season 13 of Supernatural, short films like Awake and Friends Like Us. He is currently working on next year in Season 2 of Altered Carbon and Season 3 of Get Shorty. Franckie Francois’ will next be seen in a future remount of their play Judas Noir, for which he and the cast got nominated for the prestigious Dora Marvel Moore awards for best ensemble , as well as season 2 of Altered Carbon and season 3 of Get Shorty.

IG: @franckiefrancois

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