The Struggles of Dating As a Christian Woman

As a Christian woman, the struggle is real when it comes to dating!” Sure, I know we’re supposed to wait until God brings our “soulmate” into our life, but if you’re human and fallen short like me, you’re hardheaded, have disobeyed God, and tried to get to know and date people that you had no business connecting with in the first place.  In the result, … Continue reading The Struggles of Dating As a Christian Woman

Livin’ Single: Waiting For What You Deserve

Hey My Loves, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. As some women go crazy planning the most “romantic” day of the year, there are also some women who dread this day like the plague, mainly due to struggling with single hood, being lonely, or becoming discouraged about waiting for what you deserve. Read that part again and let it marinate….wait for what you deserve. … Continue reading Livin’ Single: Waiting For What You Deserve


It still feels like yesterday. You. The newness. The opposite of me. The something I was missing. The unlimited craves. And the feels. It’s real. Looking at the moments that we share and make, it’s a beautiful thing. The unknown layers being seen. The little things you do that aggravates me. But yet, I’m opening.   The peace in you has me spoiled. Making me … Continue reading Open.

Say NO to “Sidelines” and “Situationships”

We have all heard the term “sideline”. Some more than others. But before we get started, let’s discuss the definition: Sideline Chick/Man- a person dating a person who is already in a relationship or has a spouse. Many women and men have been in this position even after they swore to ourselves it would never happen to them. Some of us play the position knowing … Continue reading Say NO to “Sidelines” and “Situationships”

The Single Woman: How To Love and Live Freely

I hope you are not that single woman who is feeling sorry for herself because she is not in a relationship. If you are, I hope this blog inspires you and you have a change of heart after reading the tips I have on how to be single and how to live freely. As a single woman, it is challenging to find a balance to … Continue reading The Single Woman: How To Love and Live Freely