Unshakeable: How I Remain Peaceful During the Hiatus

Unshakeable: (of a belief, feeling, or opinion) strongly felt and unable to be changed.

Hey My Loves! As you can see, I took a long hiatus from my website and my social media to re-group on some things. During my hiatus, I didn’t worry about posting or explaining to others why I decided to take a break. The thought alone left me feeling one word: peaceful.  As a writer and blogger, my mind is always on 1000 every day and it can become weary and overwhelming at times. I have responsibilities and things people expect me to do based off the reputation I have made for myself.  Am I complaining? No indeed not! I have lots of gratitude for the position God has put me in to bless other people with my words and brand. I also understand that God is the source of my strength, meaning that I’m human, and I go through things just like everybody else. So instead of writing when I’m in a personal slump, I take time for myself to become motivated again. The hiatus was not done in vain. I discovered a lot of things, and it gave me time to get motivated about my new projects coming up. I might have been M.I.A. to my followers, but I remained unshakable during this particular season. My brand was doing wonderful, but my personal life needed some TLC asap! I was doing too much. I was way in over my head on some things, so I had to take a deep breath and step away from things that weren’t worth my energy. This included some people. This included bad habits I needed strength to break from. This even included a small break from my brand. increase

This scripture become my favorite in this season. Here I was preaching to everybody how vital it is to trust God, but I was being a hypocrite. I was taking matters into my own hands. Instead of waiting for a YES from him and trusting him, I was saying yes to myself and trying to make things happen. This was a no-no, so I humbled myself real quick. (Trust me, its better that way. You don’t want God’s version of HUMBLENESS!) He has given me a vision and turned me into a boss, but I must never forget who I’m doing all this for. Sure, its cool to have followers and people who you influence in a powerful way, but you can’t lose yourself. You have to ask yourself if you’re going to be a person who ‘s work speaks for itself. One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that is expected from everybody else. Selling your soul and selling yourself short is not what’s up. Before you do that, take out the drawing board and start over. All you have to do is START.

I started putting myself first every once in a while and taking a break from the world. I stopped thinking that I owe everybody something. The ones who are for you will understand. The ones who aren’t will try to make you guilty for something you need. Self-discovery is required to find peace. Self-love is required to keep peace.

It is okay to take time for yourself if life is starting to drain you. You don’t owe an explanation to anybody for discovering how to get your peace back. How do you get to the place you desire to be? You make a plan to get there with help from God. In order to do this, the distractions in your life need to put on “Do Not Disturb” when its time to focus. We can’t run away from everything in our life, but we do have the power on two things: the amount of energy we put in it and the reaction we give it.


Do not become weary in good doing. Change your perspective on what life hands you and remain doing what it takes to keep your peace.

Until next time.


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  1. Courtni B says:

    Great read! As a fellow business woman we are similar in many ways. I tell myself, that if God rested while forming the Earth and Jesus also rested, then I need to rest also:-).


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