Kaila Williams Talks About Her New Christian Single “Sippin”

Kaila Williams

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Kai. Southern Girl. She Raps. She Writes. She Laughs. She Loves. Kai’s mission is simple; to reach the lost, reignite the found, lead others to Christ, and create Go(o)d music. When I came across her new Christian single Sippin going viral on Facebook, it inspired me to reach out and get to know more about the empowering woman that devotes her life and platform to God.


What inspired you to write your song Sippin? What doors have this opened since you released the track?

Kaila “The world tries to sell lies that what they have to offer can satisfy, but it can’t. It is only that which Jesus offers that truly satisfies us. John Chapter 4 –Living water. That which causes us to never thirst again. This has not only allowed me to network with more artists, but has shown people that though the method may change, the message doesn’t have to. We can love Christ and make dope music. We can love Christ and have fun!”

What is the best advice you can give to a struggling Christian trying to find their way?

Kaila: “JUST BE REAL! We can’t grow if we aren’t real to those whom God has placed in our lives, if we aren’t real with ourselves, and most importantly, if we aren’t real with God. Fix your eyes on Christ, not you. Whatever you focus on will consume you. When we focus on self, we become self/sin conscious, but when we focus on Christ, we become Christ/Grace conscious. Not that we may abuse grace, but value it. Grace, when we truly understand it, provokes us to live right, not indulge in sin.”


What motivated you to start rapping and using your platform to spread the word about God?

Kaila “I’ve been rapping since I was 13, and I grew up in a very religious church that didn’t believe rap was “of God”. So when I finally surrendered my life to Christ in 2010, I finally found out about people like Trip Lee, Lecrae, and such, I immediately became excited and began to write again.”

What is your biggest goal for 2017?

Kaila: “To glorify God in ALL I do, and lead others closer to Christ.”

What other projects do you have up your sleeve that we can look forward to?

Kaila: “I have a mixtape coming soon… very soon. ‘F.M.’ #StayTuned.”

What is your favorite bible scripture? 

Kaila: “Ecclesiastes 3:11. He has made every thing beautiful in HIS time…
That scripture has not only helped me in my singleness, but also in other areas of my life where I used to worry/become discontent. “
●Facebook:  @ImKai251
●Instagram, Twitter, & Soundcloud: @_ImKai

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