Transformation Coach Brit Inez Helps Women Establish a Healthier Fitness & Nutrition Plan

Transformation Coach Brit Inez believes the key of creating better lifestyle all starts with the mindset for betterment. After she decided to transform her own life with fitness and a healthier lifestyle, Brit helps women around the world by developing a solid fitness and nutrition plan that helps them on the road to transformation. I got the pleasure to chat with Brit about her passion for health & fitness, the art of branding, and how your process will lead to your purpose.


How did you get involved with health & Fitness?  

BI: When I was 13, my mom asked me to go to a bodybuilding show with her. I was completely grossed out by the idea and fought it, but I went anyway. I remember sitting in the audience in awe that a body could look like that. I asked, “Can I look like that one day?” She leaned over and said, “if you want to.” A couple of years later, I joined a small neighborhood gym right outside of Chicago. It started with me just working on getting rid of the weight I put on from puberty and years of eating tasty home cooked meals made with “love.” The more time I spent in the gym, the more I became fascinated with seeing bodies transform before my eyes. I wasn’t old enough to work yet, so I asked the owner if I could just come there after school and shadow the trainers just to learn. He agreed, and from then on, fitness and I started this life-long relationship.

Fast forward 17 years and I came face-to-face with the reality that I was I slowly losing my true self while chasing the infamous “success”. Somehow I’d gotten “too- busy,” my health and fitness success was falling by the wayside and I was neglecting myself in the process. This wasn’t like me. I’m the girl that earned a degree in Health & Fitness from Purdue University, competed in fitness competitions and became a personal trainer to women ready to transform their bodies and lifestyles. 

Somewhere along the way I’d become consumed with capturing success, meeting the expectations of others while neglecting mine along the way. If I were to stay true to my authentic self then something was going to have to change.  

The most beautiful thing about this process (outside of getting my beach body back and falling in love with myself again) was that during the journey I realized my true passion and calling. I realized in the process of picking up the broken pieces that I had a voice, a skill and a love for helping women regain their confidence and lead healthy, active lives. 

That’s when goalgetherfitness was born.


In moments of adversity, how do you build yourself back up?  


BI: “I remind myself that what I’m going through is just a setup for an even greater comeback. I allow myself time to actually deal with my feelings instead of just swallowing them or even worse, eating them. It’s not an overnight process by any means. That process looks like me getting back to journaling my desires, reflecting on how far I’ve come, then finding the good in the situation I’m in and shifting my focus on those things.”


   What’s the best piece of advice you received when you were starting out in your line of work?   


BI: “Everyone will say they want to change, but few are willing to do what’s necessary to make it actually happen. Don’t take it personally.”


What is a typical day like for you and what keeps you going?   


BI: “I wake up & before I step foot out of bed, I give gratitude for a handful of things that I’m grateful for and chug down water to get my body going. I then begin my client work which takes me through the day, then train in the evening, return home and depending on my workload, knock out more work, then close my laptop and chill the rest of the evening before going to bed. Most days, I work crazy long hours while pushing my body to the limit. What keeps me going are my loved ones, I have an incredible support system, and focusing on my “why.”



Who are some women you look up to and admire?   


BI: “My mom & grandma- they’re some of the strongest women I know.”


 What is your biggest goal this year?    

BI: “Get back on stage in a bodybuilding competition. I haven’t competed in 9 years! Preparing for the show is a process that requires an incredible amount of discipline, focus, and sacrifice. For me, it’s about WAY more than just standing on stage and looking good; it’s about who I become in the process and what I prove to myself that I’m capable of. I’m excited about that growth. It will make me a better person in ALL areas of my life and allow me to serve my clients better.”


   What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t figured out their purpose yet?    


Pay attention to what lights you up on the inside, not just what you think you can make money from by doing. Yes, money is important, but if you go into something just because of the money, you’ll be unfulfilled and find yourself doing work just for the sake of a check. Believe it or not, but the first business I started was doing social media marketing work for that very reason. But I often found myself feeling like my work was a chore, not joyful. That’s how I knew I wasn’t doing what I was called to do and that a pivot to fitness needed to happen. Your purpose will always reveal itself to you; you just have to be open to realizing that it will probably require you to turn things completely around to pursue it. Don’t fear that process.”


  What do you love most about fitness and your personal brand?    


BI: “What I love most about my brand is that it’s 100% authentic to who I am and who I’ve always known myself to be. I’m able to leave an impact by being my authentic self- not a cookie-cutter version of everyone else. What I love about fitness is that it’s a lifelong commitment that continuously teaches me more about myself and grows me as a person.”


About Brit Inez


Since leaving her corporate career in Digital Marketing and pursuing her passion, Body Goals Specialist and Transformation Coach Brit Inez has helped her clients lose well over a combined 150 pounds and 175 inches and establish healthy lifestyles. After waking up and realizing that she was overweight and stuck in a rut, Brit was determined to change her life, lose the weight and truly transform. Specializing in working with women, Brit helps you eliminate the excuses and develop a solid fitness and nutrition plan that puts you on track to making yourself a priority and loving how you look and feel. From online programs like #SnatchedIn8 to in-person coaching, Brit is fully committed to helping her clients get real, lasting and rewarding results. 


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