Biz Coach Gemma Bonham-Carter Spills About Transitioning & Classic Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

As a business coach, mama of two, and three time entrepreneur, Gemma Bonham-Carter is no stranger to building a successful business online! I had the pleasure to talk to Gemma about the pros and cons of running a business, getting through the transitioning period, and growing marketing strategies that are effective towards your business.

Gemma Branding Session 3/4
Gemma Bonham-Carter, Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Tell us more about The Passive Project and Launch Your Shop. What inspired you to start these platforms?

GC: “Before becoming a business strategist and coach, I had spent several years running my own lifestyle blog and shop. I was asked to speak at a few conferences for online entrepreneurs, and was blown away by the questions and feedback I got! It became really clear to me that there was a need in the marketplace for affordable online education where others could learn about these topics. I created and we have had over 500 students through our programs, and thousands use our free resources. There is nothing better than hearing from one of our students that they were able to grow their business in a major way, thanks to one of our programs. It gives me all the feels!”

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur? What called you to help other entrepreneurs?

GC: “The number one reason I am an entrepreneur is for the freedom it provides. After I had my kids, I knew I didn’t want to go back to my traditional 9-5 job and I wanted to create a life for myself where I was able to make an income, but have complete control over my schedule. I am grateful every day that I was able to make that happen! It has given us so much time and financial freedom that we never anticipated, and I’m obsessed with helping others do the same for themselves.”

Has a mistake ever led you to success?

How much time you got? I have made all the mistakes! But I never call them failures – they are simply opportunities to learn. You either win or learn (no winning and losing in my book).”

What’s the best piece of advice you’re received when you were first starting out in your business?

GC:” Stay consistent. Continue putting yourself out there, even when it feels like no one is paying attention. And keep your blinders on.”

How did you get out of the transitioning period?

GC: “I always listen to my gut. Sometimes it has to shout REALLY loud for me to hear, but I eventually I hear it. I think often we try to do things the way we have seen others do them, but staying true to who you are and what makes you unique is your special sauce. You need to be YOU in order to stand out in the marketplace.”

What are some free and effective ways online marketing that can help your business grow?

GC: “Right now my favourite place to hang out is instagram. It’s the best platform for easily showing up, showing snippets of your life, and connecting with your people. Stories are where it’s at right now!”

What are some classic mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how can they avoid them?

Not having focus. Often new (and seasoned!) entrepreneurs get busy with doing ALL the things they think they need to be doing, instead of staying focused on just one thing at a time. Concentrate on ONE thing, master it, automate it (or outsource it), and move on to the other. Don’t try and be everywhere, doing all the things, all at once. Your growth will be SO slow.

What does the world need more of? Less of?

GC: “The world needs more of people selling from the heart! Offer genuine value, tell your story, and be you. Don’t copy what other people are doing, or think you have to say all the same sales-y things. Do you!”

What’s your biggest goal this year?

GC: “We are really focused this year on growing our new membership program, The Passive Project. This is THE membership community for digital product creators – online course creators, membership site owners, and other digital product types. We offer education, resources, and coaching on how to sell more (on autopilot) so that they can grow, scale, and diversify their businesses.”

Name 3 interesting fun facts about you!

GC: “I am Canadian but don’t say “eh” at the end of every sentence (at least I don’t think I do…). I can say the alphabet backwards as quickly as I can say it forward.
I love to travel. My then-boyfriend (now husband) tested our relationship by spending 6 months in South East Asia living out of backpacks! We survived (and loved every minute)! “



About Gemma Bonham-Carter

Gemma Branding Session 3/4

Gemma Bonham-Carter is a 3-time entrepreneur obsessed with helping others build thriving online businesses so that they can create more income, more impact, and more freedom in their life.
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