Letting the Joy Unfold in Your Life

I can count on one hand about how many times I have actually “lived in the moment.” I am a hard worker, but I wouldn’t classify myself as the ultimate risk taker. I’m pretty much a perfectionist, meaning my back up plan has a back up plan! As I wake up everyday and start my daily routine, I forget how often I take little things for granted, like the gift of being able to see a new day. The day goes on and little things make you mad, and you suddenly forget that today started off beautiful. The world you have interacted with might have made you a sour puss the rest of the day. Therefore, we also take granted of precious moments. Moments in time. Moments that we can not freeze and cannot get back. No matter what happens…some memories can never be replaced. 


Living in the moment is being aware of the moment we are in. If our minds are in the past or future, we are not truly alive in the present. “


I remember many occasions where I didn’t regret how I felt, but I did regret how I reacted to certain situation. If you let a small problem ruin your whole 24 hours, you’re missing out on all the things and blessings happening around you. I tend to think happier people make others happy too. Vibes do spread, so make sure yours are positive! When I start my day, I say a silent prayer and asked God to help my tongue and my attitude when I’m frustrated. The night before, I journal my thoughts and release them on paper, leaving me empty and ready for the next day.

The truth is tomorrow will have its problems; but you can’t worry about that until it comes. The small things do help. When you master the ability to mute every negative block thrown your way, you look at life a different way. It will be to the point where you don’t even want to be around others who can’t reciprocate the same vibe. It’s natural to want all “moments” to be good and memorable, but that’s not the case. During the painful moments, remember that life doesn’t stop because of your feelings. Rediscover yourself by spending quality time with yourself alone.

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”-  Henry Miller

Solitude is sweet, but people make the best moments….sometimes. So don’t sweat the small stuff. If it’s something that’s not gonna matter in 24 hours, then its not worth getting mad over. That 24 hours could have been spent on something that will bring you closer to the person you want to be. Enjoy your life. You only get one.


Until next time,


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