How Serial Entrepreneur Alandria Lloyd Successfully Balances Life & Business

Meet Alandria Lloyd, a serial entrepreneur, life coach, and the founder of the publishing company The Writer’s Block LLC.  Alandria and I had the pleasure to talk again and we discussed having a balance in life & business, time management, and the five tactics that helped her businesses grow.

What’s the hardest part of being an entrepreneur and  a boss that may not visible to others?

AL: “I’d say the hardest part is doing everything on your own in the beginning. You are responsible for every aspect of your business and before you can begin to delegate or hire others to help you, you must first master your business processes. Just getting every thing solidified was the most difficult.”

When you are starting a new project or starting a goal, what is the process you set for yourself to complete your goals and succeed?

AL: “Time management for sure. I block out spaces of time to make sure I get certain things done within a specified time frame. For example, if I’m working on a client’s book, I will block out 5 hours to dedicate to planning and strategies regarding their project.”

What’s the best advice you would tell a person who may be struggling with entrepreneurship or taking the next big step for their business?

Advice for those who may be struggling in their business, I’d say re-evaluate your goals and your business structure. Take some time to see what has/hasn’t been working and perfect any weaknesses in your business. For those who are struggling to take the next big step, I’d say just go for it! Scared money won’t make money, so bet on yourself and take a chance.”

How do you practice self-care? What keeps you going when you’re feeling uninspired or unmotivated?

AL: “Self care (on the high end) is getting a deep tissue massage and facial every 6 weeks. Self care on the low end, is putting my phone on DND and watching tv for a few hours.
When I’m feeling uninspired/unmotivated I remember those days I used to cry because I had to clock in on a job I hated.  Now that I’ve been blessed to work for myself, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Those memories inspire me to go harder in my business and it also eliminates my excuses.”

What are some personal and business boundaries you had to set in order to have a successful brand and business?

Personal boundaries was to simply say “no” and not allowing others to make me feel guilty for doing what was best for me. No, I can’t come to the cookout today, I have to work lol. There’s so much freedom in those 2 letters.
Business boundaries include being mindful of those I allow to “help” me. Sometimes people will say that want to help but are really looking for an opportunity to sabotage. Discernment is key, so I make sure to discern those who try to insert themselves in my business affairs.

What are some books/podcasts that have changed your life and why?

AL: “Fervent, Rules of Engagement— those books taught me how to pray strategic prayers. Sarah Jakes podcast– it’s just filled with encouragement and revelation.”

Tell us 5 gems that helped your business grow.

AL: “God (the ultimate plug), an email list, Live videos, great customer service (word of mouth referrals), and believing in myself.”

What does the world need more of? Less of?

AL: “The world needs to see the love of God displayed through human beings more and the world needs less hate.”

What life advice would you tell yourself 10-20 years ago that you know now that you wish you knew then?

Don’t be in such a rush to grow up so fast, slow down…”

About Alandria Lloyd


Alandria Lloyd is a serial entrepreneur, self-published author, and certified life coach.  She is the author of:

  • Change AGENT: The Missing Piece
  • Fasting For Change Prayer Journal
  • While I’m Waiting Devotional for Single Women.
  • Letters To My Future King
  • Girl Power Uncensored (co-author)
  • Dear Young Woman (to be released Fall 2019)

Alandria is the owner of a book publishing company, The Writer’s Block LLC. The Writer’s Block assists aspiring authors by teaching them how to write their book in record breaking speed and become published authors without breaking the bank. She offers online writing classes, book consults, book coaching sessions, publishing packages, and more. 

Alandria tries to encourage everyone she meets to share their testimonies in the form of a book. She has suffered many trials but has found solace in sharing her stories within the pages of her books. She is a living, breathing testament that God will give beauty for ashes. Alandria resides in Hammond, La with her teenage son. She lives life on purpose and is determined to fulfil her God-given destiny.

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    This was an awesome article!!! I am so proud of you my sister!!!


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