Media Influencer Nicole Fiona Shares Fitness Journey and the Art of Branding


Nicole Fiona is a woman of many things which includes a fitness and media influencer, lifestyle blogger,a storyteller, and the founder of the online community, Bloom & Tell. Fiona and I chatted about her fitness journey, the key to branding yourself, and how juggles her multiple platforms.

Nicole Fiona |  Blogger & Media Influencer

You are a multiple influencer which is amazing. How do you manage to juggle all your platforms? 

NF : “I am a firm believer in, ‘ if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. For me, in order to be successful, proper planning and care needs to go into what I am doing. So that being said, establishing where you want to head is key. As that helps you plan out your content. Which helps you plan out your next steps.”


Who are some of your favorite bloggers/influencers?

NF : “I love Lydia Elise Millen ( @lydiaemillen), she runs her business so meticulously, regardless of what a brand or others will think of her. I think her high standards set a precedence of excellence. I really enjoy Freya Killin (@freyakillin) – as she not only looks glam on her feed… but is so relatable on her stories. I really enjoy Flora Beverly – @foodfitnessflora – although I don’t share a lot of the same life views and choices as her – her content and message is so consistent. Lastly, I like Stefan Michalak(@stefmichalak)- for his creative direction, and amazing storytelling.”

 What are some of your favorite food dishes? 

NF : ” I am a sucker for anything Thai – I cannot get enough of it.”

How did you get deeply involved in physical fitness?

NF : “I have arthritis in my lower back and SI joints. To make a long story short, my back had locked up on me, and I wasn’t able to stand up straight for months. And I could barely walk for longer then 8 minutes at a time. From there, I started doing home work outs – to get me mobile again. However, I wasn’t keen on the program I was doing it… it kind of felt like a chore. From there, I was exposed to a dancing program, which was so much fun – and whilst doing that, I literally danced the weight off !”
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What do you love most about being an influencer?

I love the fact that I can just purely share the things that I am liking and that deeply affects and benefits my life with others. “

What is the best business advice you can give people interested in creating a creative business? 

NF : “Be yourself ! Honestly, if you love making chilli, and want to make a business / blog about your love for chilli… do that ! Because there will be someone out there, that loves it just as much as you do. And from there your main focus will just be learning on how to market yourself so you can ensure that you are able to find your tribe. “

 What is your favorite thing to do after a long day?

NF: Just chill out with good company & good food.

Share with us your weight loss journey and what you gained from it. 

NF : “As I have previously touched on my weightless journey – the only other thing I have to add is. Once you have done it once.. it gives you the faith in yourself to know that you can do it again. So if you have put on weight again – have faith in yourself that if you put your mind to taking it off.. It will come off !”

What’s the major key to branding yourself? 

NF : “Again, touching on one of the previous points… If you know where you are headed, you know what you say yes to, and you know what you say no to. You know what serves you, and your audience, and in turn you know what doesn’t. So I think you need to be constantly asking yourself if this is something that is going to bring you closer to your goal, whatever your goal may be. I think this helps you keep your branding and your vision in alignment.
Anything beyond that creatively (colours, presets, fonts, graphics ) is all just personal taste – and by playing around with different styles, is what is going to teach you what you like or not.
I’m a firm believer in “ you never know more of what you do want…. Until you have experienced what you don’t want’. So play around, and have fun while you’re doing it. For me that takes the pressure off of what I experiment with creatively. “

What is your biggest goal this year?

NF : “My biggest goal this year is to drastically expand my YouTube platform. Although I believe numbers are a great way to track if you’re sticking to your goals – I don’t necessarily have a subscriber based goal. I would love to be uploading a minimum of 3 videos a week on my main channel and then 1 video a week on my vlogging channel in 2019.”

Connect with Nicole Fiona

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Instagram Handles:  @nicolefserrao, @nicolefionafit, @bloomandtell

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