THE COME-UP: Bestselling Author Quardeay Julien Shares How Writing is an Escape That Motivated Him To Publish 26 Titles

As the book kingpin of 26 titles, best-selling author Quardeay Julien shows no signs of stopping as he opens up about writing being his therapeutic escape, and how it changed his life positively. I caught up with Quardeay and we discussed his successful journey as a writer and influencer, classic mistakes new authors make, and how he found his passion for his writing craft.

Quardeay Julien, Bestselling Author


What inspired you to become an author?

QJ: ” I was inspired to begin writing as a youth. I grew up reading novels such as Bud Not Buddy & Dopefiend by Donald Goines with a dream of one day creating my own novel to entertain millions. The writing world is my escape from all of the pain, tension and drama that exist in the world. Whenever I sit in front of my laptop it’s as if the world that I was creating with my own two hands was the only one that existed. I’m inspired by the possibility of becoming the next great Black Male Author in the industry that many will remember for years and years. “

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received when you were starting out?

QJ: “An industry great once told me that the key to success in the writing industry is to remember that you’re a success! Self-confidence goes a long way and in an industry that can be often critical, it’s important to always keep your chin up.”

 Name 4 classic mistakes new authors make and the solutions to it.

QJ: “I think that authors often make 4 vital mistakes in the industry that can often be detrimental to their success.”

1.) Quitting on their craft: Quitting due to anger or self-doubt can not only leave a bad taste in the mouths of publishers, but readers alike. Never believe you’re not good enough. Never Quit. Quitting on yourself is like quitting on your potential wealth.

2.) The Indulgence of Drama: Authors have to stop allowing themselves to fall victim to negativity or drama. Drama does nothing but distract you from the bag and also ruin your rep.

3.) Not having tough skin: Having tough skin is essential for this industry. Not every one will embrace you, you just have to embrace that fact and stay head strong.

4.) Comparing themselves to others: Just because one person is in the charts more than you, it doesn’t make them better than you. Your time is coming. Don’t compare yourself to anyone because there’s only one you and what you’re good at somebody else may not be.

What are the things you’re most passionate about?

QJ: “I’m passionate about my craft. The ability to entertain, entice and educate at a younger age than most has always kept me going. I’m passionate about supporting my family and being a positive force in my city.”

 Has learning a mistake ever led to success?

QJ: “Learning from a mistake will ALWAYS lead to success. Every mistake you make can only make you stronger!”

 What’s the most important lessons to remember as an author?

QJ: “I learned that every author should take hold to listening and learning. You’re never too good to listen. And you’re never too good to learn. I recommend every author to remember that as they strive to reach the top.”

Which of your traits are you most proud of?

QJ: “The art of practicing patience has always been one of my best traits. The old saying “fools rush in” still is as relevant today as it was centuries ago. Fools rush in. Sometimes the best move to make in the industry is to play the game of waiting and biding your time. Take your time when it comes to your craft, your story, and your promotion. Readers know a rushed product when they see it! ”


Who are some of your influences and what keeps you inspired in your brand?

QJ: “My biggest influence has always been my mother. She raised me alone and she played both parental roles well. Seeing her grind nonstop every day always motivated me and encouraged me. Seeing her work with the heart of a Lioness still runs through my mind today as I push forward. My other influence is my pain strangely enough. All of the pain from my past has influenced my fingers. When I type, it’s another day of releasing the trauma from my past. Writing has saved me in a way. Without out, I don’t know where I’d be.”


What’s your biggest goal this year?

QJ: “My biggest goal this year is to transition to on fiction novels that can encourage young boys to never give up on themselves and to give them tips on how to make a small business work for them. I also plan to continue pushing out fiction novels and maybe even pen a script to a show. Lastly, by 2020, I would love to open an art therapy center to allow for those who suffer in silence a place to project their pain. “


About Quardeay Julien


I was born in the small city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a Journalism Major getting ready to transfer to the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin to continue my education. At 24 years old, I have published 26 titles so far with plans to expand into screenwriting very soon. The love I have for Urban Fiction and the company I work for TMP are astronomical. When I first began my writing career, I didn’t think that I would last in this industry. There were times that I wanted to quit on my dreams and there were times that I didn’t want to go further because of some of the negativity that I would see being exhibited amongst it. However, I knew once I began to connect with several other literary phenoms that my place was right here.

I love being able to entertain people all around the world with my words and make women smile with my projects. I’ve learned to adapt to every element and turn my pain into pleasure for all my readers. My journey is only beginning and as I get older, I see only brighter days on the horizon. I may not be your favorite author, but I want to be the one you will never forget.

QUARDEAY’S Contact Info

@QuardeayJulien and @Author Quardeay on Facebook.

@AuthorQuardeay on Twitter

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