Self Worth Coach Jennifer M. Shines Light on Single Women Through Platforms

Jennifer’s Mission:

To inspire and build women (young and old) up all over the world to walk by faith ad not by sight. To teach women to always have confidence that their right now doesn’t have to be their forever. Through my life and testimony I want to ignite the desire in women to come together and live in harmony. Doing this all with faith, class, experience and most importantly love.

Jennifer is a woman  that will play a huge role in this generation applying her challenges to “this generation’s woman” taking them from good to great. I had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer about the inspiration behind her digital platform Single Lady Notes, what success means to her, and what it takes to run a creative brand.

What inspired the start-up of Single Lady Notes?

JM: “A horrific breakup. In my search to find comfort online I created what I needed.”

 In your opinion, what are the some thing single women struggle, but don’t like talking about it?

JM: “Their sexual desires and how hard it can be to be abstain. Social media will make you feel like the world is ending when you slip into sin of any capacity instead of loving leading you back to righteousness.”

What quotation or saying inspires and motivates you to be yourself?

JM: “The 1st step in changing your situation is changing your mind.”

What lessons have you learned about having a social media platform?

Someone needs your story.
Block as needed.
share ONLY what you want to share.
Meet new people often from all over.
Support other pages.
Log off and be present.

 What does the world need more of? Less of? 

More Self Love. Less Comparison.

 What are some important things you think single women need to always remember in their singlehood?

JM: “Their value. If it doesn’t feel like the love of Jesus, he’s not it. Don’t settle in any area of your life. Period.”

 What does success mean to you?

JM: “Obedience to word of God and a SOLID relationship with Christ.”

 What does it take to run a consistent creative business that you want to expand?

JM: “Discipline and a plan. You have to do it when you don’t feel like it. You have to have a structure to actually execute.”

 Name 3 interesting facts about you!

JM: “I’m an introvert, but I can handle a large crowd , network and even be the life of the party. Once I’m drained, I MUST retreat. I am also a crab leg lover. Juicy Crab me anyday!”

About Jennifer M.


Jennifer is a young driven , Multifaceted  woman with big dreams. Born and raised in Hillside New Jersey at a young age started dreaming big. From pageants to ,cheerleading , and Dancing there was nothing she didn’t think she could do.  Jennifer later Left New Jersey to study business Marketing at North Carolina Central University. She also is a certified medical clinical assistant, Entrepreneur , coach , author,sister , friend , daughter but of the titles she holds “Woman of God” is the one she is most proud of.

Jennifer is no stranger to adversity. Life hasn’t always dealt her the best deck of cards but she plays the faith card all the way to  victory. As you get to know her through her blogs and stories you will see what self-worth , determination and the power of Gods grace and mercy can do in someones life. Jennifer Prays that her life is an example of what faith in God looks like and that you too will know that you can make it!



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