Influencer “IknowLee” Sets the Bar High on Beauty, Fashion, Travel, and Lifestyle

As an influential blogger who created a personal brand based on what she is passionate about, Helecia Williams aka “IknowLee” has a Youchannel that embodies everything she loves ranging from fashion, natural hair, beauty, and travel. With over 200k followers, Helecia believes its not always about numbers or followers, but your growth and who you touch and inspire. I had the pleasure to catch up with IknowLee as we chatted about her successful YouTube Channel IknowLee, her personal style, and creating great content.

Helecia Williams, Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger and Blogger

How did you get started with your beauty and lifestyle?

HW: “I have always had it imbedded in me. No one else in my family really seemed to enjoy beauty and fashion like I did. I looked at is as a form of art and eventually went to school and got my degree in it. It was more of a love at first sight type of situation, I naturally fell into it. “

 What is your favorite and least favorite thing when you’re creating a tutorial?


HW: “I often call myself the one man band because I do it all from the set up, production, talent, editor, publisher and promoter. There isn’t one part of the process that isn’t enjoyable to be. I marvel at the process of creating. There is something about seeing things start from the beginning and watching all of the pieces come together to create something that can be shared with others. “

 What are some of your beauty must haves?

HW: “The older I get, the more that I realize that beauty can’t be bought so instead of focusing products, I prefer self love and self care as the best beauty remedies. If I had to choose any beauty must haves, I would side with water, healthy eating, exercise and vitamins. With the right combination of those, beauty will be an understatement. You will glow, honey!!”

 What is your biggest goal for 2019?

HW: “I am more of a small goal setter that eventually leads to the biggest goal with is wealth but these things don’t have to happen in a year or even five. I can take the road less taken, without shortcuts to get to my biggest goal. I just want to be at least twice as better than I was last year, make twice as much content, inspire twice as many people. Growth is always the biggest goal!”

How would you describe your personal style? What do you like wearing on a typical day?

HW: “I would describe my personal style as street-chic. I am defiantly a trendy girl but I prefer comfort over anything. I enjoy mixing textures and colors to create outfits that are wearable but not typical. I like to think of it as a “slight flex”. It’s simple but yet chic! For me there is no typical outfit of the day. My clothing depends on the occasion, setting and mood I’m in. It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. “

 In your line of work, how would you define success?

HW: “My definition of success is growth. I used to look at others in the social media realm and wonder why they are growing so much faster than me. Everything used to be about the numbers and now it’s more about me. I have started not to care as much about followers and numbers. If you love me and you are inspired by me, that’s what matters the most, even if it’s just one person. I am successful.”

 Who are some of your favorite YouTube Channels/lifestyle bloggers?

HW: “My favorites constantly change based on my currently life situation. I adore anymore that really loves what they do and take the time to create the best content that they possibly can. I can never put an actual name out there because it will change next week or next month. “

What are the perks of running a YouTube channel and business?

HW: “This is the first time that I get to make my own schedule and define what I will and will not allow. It’s brings me gratitude to define my self worth and expect that from others. If they don’t accept it, I can easily move on with my life. I wasn’t able to do that prior to this. I get to control my work environment and the mood. No negative energy lives here. “

What does the world need more of? Less of?

HW: “The world needs more positive representation of people of all types. This world is hateful and there is no way around it because people have been taught to hate others that are different from them and they don’t even comprehend why. It’s predisposed hate and if diverse individuals were highlighted equally it would eliminate some of that.”

What is your personal motto when you feel stuck or feel like giving up?

HW : “My mother used to always say she just wanted me to be happy and this is my happy place so I think of her and what would make her smile when I consider giving up.”


About IKnowLee



Iknowlee is actually a name which is directly inspired by the mispronunciation of my birth name Helecia. After constantly hearing various versions of my name, I decided to stick with a common and simple nickname Lee. Eventually the nickname stuck and people began to say, “Oh, I know Lee!” Hence the beginning of the brand “Iknowlee”.

After graduating college with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, like many others I was unable to find a suitable career in my field but I was still extremely interested in the “Arts.” I used that interest and knowledge to began my Youtube channel. The basis of my brand is centered around natural hair with over two-hundred thousand collective followers. During the birth of my channel natural hair was not a “thing”. My original goal was to document my journey going natural, starting off with cutting all of my hair off. That’s exactly what I did! As my channel began to evolve I added additional content involving beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. My channel embodies me; Everything I stand for and everything I believe in.

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