The Single Woman: How To Love and Live Freely

I hope you are not that single woman who is feeling sorry for herself because she is not in a relationship. If you are, I hope this blog inspires you and you have a change of heart after reading the tips I have on how to be single and how to live freely. As a single woman, it is challenging to find a balance to love and search for the “one” freely while preventing yourself not to be played by love. It’s ironic that love is supposed to be the simplest thing to do in the world, but humans make it complicated sometimes. What is unconditional love? It’s easy to look up the Webster definition, but does our actions reflect the true meaning of “unconditional”? For the ladies who found unconditional love, kudos to you because it is a war out there and real love is becoming rare these days. For the single ladies still on the prowl, your life doesn’t stop whether you have a man or not. In order to stay out the lonely slump, here are 4 tips to follow.

1.) Ignore people with harsh comments about your singleness.

We all get the “you are too beautiful to be single” or “you don’t have a man because you are too picky.” Bottom line is every woman knows what she wants in a man. Don’t lower your standards for anybody, but also be the same requirements you are looking for. You can’t be a Pinto Woman looking for a Mercedes Man. In other words, have something to bring to the table also.

2.) Have a social life, but work on your career and goals. Responsibility over fun!

Go out with your girlfriends. Take up a new hobby. Take salsa lessons. Read that book you’re been putting off. Perfect your craft. Spend time with loved ones. Take random trips. Cook for yourself and treat yourself to a movie. Learn how to be your own best friend before you give your heart to someone. People come and go in your life. You have to protect your space. If you don’t have your promised career yet, now is the time to work on it. Being single is a lot of free time to yourself which means you get a lot more work done. It’s wonderful to be loved, but having a lot of quality time by yourself has its perks. Don’t waste that time. Invest in your future before meeting your “future.”

3.) Alone doesn’t mean lonely.

The feeling of loneliness can lead us in the danger zone”. We might call an ex who we know we have no business contacting. A one night stand might occur just to fill an empty void. Learn how to be alone and actually enjoy it. If you find yourself watching “The Devil Wears Prada” on a Friday night and you are CONTENT inside, be damn happy about that.

4.) Your King is coming. Be patient.

Patience is a virtue, but it can be a pain in the you know what. Don’t become discouraged and never give up on finding love. Be open to meeting people and see where it goes. And never give up on yourself. If the relationship doesn’t work out, you will just be wiser when the next one comes.

Until next time,


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