Ordinary People: How do you know who will stay in your life?

The million dollar question that is fairly simple, but its hard to understand…

How do you know who will stay in your life for good?

The answer: You don’t…

Life is so complex, yet we are so “ordinary”. There are 7 billion people living in the world. If you meet someone who changes your life, it was not an accident. In movies, we see the guy bump into the girl and they both live happily ever after…yada yada yada. You can bump into someone in real life and give them a genuine smile apologizing for the mishap. That was probably a simple gesture you had to make because the person you bumped into was having a bad day, and needed a smile for small encouragement. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will marry that person or cause a huge impact on them. It just means you had to cross paths for a specific reason. The universe doesn’t make mistakes. The universe also doesn’t come with instructions or forewarning why you had to meet that person. That’s why we must never question why a person comes into our life because anything and everything you encounter has a mission and a reason why it is happening. The part we all wish we could change is “weeding” out the ones who are going to stay in our life permanent vs. the seasonal people. The most exhilarating feeling is knowing some of the best moments in your life hasn’t even happened yet. And then you have to wonder: who will it happen with? Will I still be best friends with this person ten years from now? Have I already met my future husband? There are so many questions we ask ourselves and the only way to get the answers is to live life and wait patiently for them…and also know when something or someone has reaches their “deadline.” Every person that passes your life can’t stay in it.

You take a risk every time you meet someone new and you decide to make a connection with them. You can talk for hours. You can talk for days. In a blink of an eye, you notice you don’t even hear from them anymore. You can’t even remember the sound of their voice. It’s disappointing that everybody you meet will not always be the person they appear to be. What you do know is every person you meet is not a coincidence. Maybe that person is meant to love you. Maybe that person is meant to help you. Maybe that person is just supposed to be a simple hello on your bad days. Whatever the reason may be, it’s scaring to know you can put your all in a person and they might not come through. You can have the most intense conversations with them and they take that away.  What you do have is the memories You have the lessons that some taught you when they left your life and didn’t explain why. There are scary parts in meeting people. The good parts are the people who stand beside you no matter how hard it gets. The conversations never get dull. Their love never dies. These are the people who help diminish your fear when you encounter new people. The universe never stops just because people hurt or leave us. We have to keep pushing.

Placing your happiness in someone’s hands should never be the option. We tend to look for our happiness in people and this gives them control of our self-esteem. Why is it called self-esteem? Because it is for self, meaning only us should have control over us. There is nothing wrong with people who make us happy. That should be the icing in your life. You should already be the cake by yourself. Always remember everybody is just “ordinary”.


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