CEO of The Makeup Chamber Alexis Brumfield Speaks on What Success Means To Her

Meet Alexis Brumfield, the CEO of The Makeup Chamber. Alexis and I crossed paths on Facebook when I came across her platform that focuses on the art of makeup artistry and also providing a way for beginning and seasoned MUA’s to display their work and talents.  I had the pleasure to chat with Alexis about the inspiration behind The Makeup Chamber, what success means to her, and the key to staying motivated in life & business.

Alexis Brumfield, CEO of The Makeup Chamber 

What inspired you to start The Makeup Chamber?

AB: “I began to do makeup in 2011 and  I have to admit I wasn’t that good.  I was fascinated by makeup products and wanted to learn fast and enhance the beauty of the women that requested DOLLFace by Lex.  I was so intrigued that I wanted to start a lipstick line, but was short lived because I had no idea where to start. So I did what I could and I started an eyelash line. The product moved fast because most of my clients would purchase the lashes. I wanted much more than a lash company though. Back in 2016, I fumbled with the idea of starting a full cosmetic line and started doing research. I knew I would have be dedicated and the cost would be pricey for what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted a separate brand and something that didn’t have anything to do with Dollface. It took awhile to even come up with a unique name. But I birthed The Makeup Chamber.” 


What lessons has running a brand taught you so far?

AB: “The most valuable lessons that I’ve learned about running a brand is work and creativity is a must. Keep things private until things have fallen into place and then “go with your move”. Never let small minded people discourage you or your vision.”

What is a typical day like for you and what keeps you motivated?

AB: “A typical day for me is very fast paced.  I’m a mother of two, so that means getting them up for school. I also work a full time job while  doing bookkeeping for my businesses and another business. I’m constantly working on The Makeup Chamber, marketing, and currently working on graphics and products for 2020.”

 What is success to you?

AB: “Success for me is setting goals and executing them. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Its another piece added to the bigger picture. I’m at the stage in my life where I feel successful and accomplished, but yet there are so many things that I still have to complete.”


Name your favorite influential MUA that inspires you.

AB: “My favorite MUA in our area would have to be Casandra Baham who happens to be a friend of mine. Her work is amazing and she was ahead of a lot of the MUA’s in this area. Watching her really inspired me to step my skills up and soak in as much knowledge as I could about the makeup industry.”


What advice do you have for someone who hasn’t figured out their purpose yet?

AB: “To anyone who hasn’t found their purpose, do what makes you happy. Find something that makes you smile and gets your adrenaline pumping at thought/sight and turn it into a business. Numbers & Makeup (weird right?) makes me feel this way. Now I making money dealing with both.”

Which of your traits are you most proud of?

AB: “I am most proud of my resilience. I’ve faced so much adversity and still managed to come out on top. I continue to rise up without complaining. And I’ve never been scared to make money or lose money. I have to say I am a true entrepreneur.”


 What characteristic do you most admire in other creative women?

AB: “The drive that I see in women today has to be my most admired characteristic in other creative women, much like myself. Creative women don’t stop. In a world where sometimes we feel like we don’t belong, we break barriers and conquer. More than 11.6 million businesses are owned and operated by women in America, so I’m glad to be apart of that number. “

What quote or bible scripture motivates you when you’re down?

Beauty and brains is dead without hustle. You can be the most beautiful woman, the smartest man, but with no hustle and drive to coincide with those traits, you have nothing.” – A.B. 


About Alexis Brumfield 


Alexis Brumfield is the owner/CEO of The Makeup Chamber, co-owner of Brumfield & Perry and she is also a licensed Louisiana realtor. She owns the make-up artistry DOLLFACE By Lex which is a separate entity from TMC.  Born and raised in Louisiana, she is the mother of two beautiful children, Alayzsia and Jayce, who are her biggest sources of inspiration. 


IG: @_themakeupchamber

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