Visionary CeCe Edmondson Shares Her Journey as a Photographer & Artist

Louisiana native Cece Edmondson is a musical artist, entrepreneur, and photographer who shows her passions through artistry by staying consistent in her platform. I had the pleasure to chat with CeCe about how she discovered her passion as a creative and how she stays motivated in life & business.

Cece Edmondson, Entrepreneur & Artist

What inspired you to become a photographer & artist?

CE: “I have always had a camera throughout high school/college. I took pictures of EVERYTHING!! At the time in our lives, Jaida was turning 1 and we decided that it would be great to take pictures of her for her birthday. I asked a friend if I could borrow her camera & the rest was history. My Husband bought me a camera on my birthday in 2014 & we have not put it down since. As an artist, singing has always been my passion. I grew up in the church choir, singing at Sunday School, and also singing on the youth praise team. I sung behind so many great gospel artists like Ranch Allen, Micah Stampley ( he allowed me to sing my first solo as a kid), and Bishop Paul Morton. I always looked up and said, “This is going to be me. I am going to be great one day.”

What is your most memorable moment so far in your brand?

CE: “My most memorable moment has to be getting back to the groove of working in the studio. My feet and palms were sweating. I was so nervous!! Another memorable moment was the video shoot and sharing that moment with family and friends was my highlight!!”

Name a typical day for CeCe!

CE: “A typical day for CeCe! Whew!! First its getting the kids up and ready for school, lunch dates with the hubby, editing pictures, doing photo-shoots, getting songs ready for praise and worship, picking kids up from school, homework, going to football practice, (if its a Tuesday-bible study then rehearsal), dinner, baths, & possibly Netflix!”

What’s the best advice you received when you first starting  out?

CE: “The best advice given to me starting my business, was to “Do it right.” My dad is a pretty straight forward person and he doesn’t beat around the bush. When I told him about opening the business, he said I better do it right.”


Has a mistake or life lesson ever led you to success?

CE: “I don’t believe a mistake or life lesson has lead me to my success. It’s all a part of God’s will & the purpose that I have on my life. I believe I am where I am in life because I’ve allowed him to guide my footsteps.”

What keeps you consistent and disciplined when you feel like giving up?

CE: “My family! They keep me consistent and disciplined! At the end of the day, my kids look up to me and I have to be an example to them. I also have a handful of friends that keep me consistent! I have some really awesome friends from doctors to business owners, to fellow praise and worship leaders. Those ladies help me stay consistent just as much as we do each other!!”

What’s the best advice you have for new and old entrepreneurs who want to elevate in their brand?

CE: “Let God lead you! You can’t go wrong! You may have some hiccups, some struggles, but with God by your side, you will get through it!”

Who motivates you or whom do you look up to?

CE: “I would say my husband motivates me! He knows how to say all the right things in the worst way possible LOL! If you know him, then you would get that! He comes up with the craziest analogies. Let just say, he can sell a drowning man water! LOL! I also look up to women who are positive, driven, motivated. It’s great to be surrounded by greatness.”

What can we expect from you in 2020?

CE: “In 2020, hopefully I will be on tour & have more music available.”


About CeCe Edmondson

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 CeCe Edmondson is 27 years old and was born and raised in Louisiana. She has been married to her husband Jardel Emondson Sr. for seven years and they have three beautiful children; Jaida, Jardel Jr. and Jaime. CeCe is a praise and worship leader at Restoration Temple of Hammond, Louisiana. CeCe and her husband runs the photography business, Edmondson Photography. 


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