Being Your Worst Critic Can Be Detrimental to Your Inner Bad Ass

Hey Guys,

If I were another person who had to give a  honest brief description about myself.. I would describe myself as a eccentric woman who loves creating new things, pizza, green tea frappes, art, and mornings when she catches the sunrise. I would describe her as introverted, goofy, vibrant, loving, compassionate, and giving. And also a woman who believes in the law of attraction, manifesting things and working for what she wants…but I would also say even though she is such a badass at everything she puts her mind to, she can also be her own worst critic! (Shout to my mom for naming me after one of the most influential women in the universe lol. Yeah, no pressure here!)

I would tell her to chill out. It’s okay to not have all the answers. It’s okay to never stop discovering your inner self. It’s okay to release your badassery even if others don’t appreciate it. It’s okay to exhale and know everything is falling in place. 

I am the woman I just explained.

Born a Virgo, being a perfectionist comes naturally to me lol. As I discover more about my  inner 30’s badassery,  I also learned to pick progression over perfection any day. I do things with intention and it has to match my purpose. I remember when I use to stress about things that were beyond my control. Crazy part is I was self- criticizing myself about not being able to control the situation! The behavior was unhealthy and detrimental to the awesome woman that I know I am, even the times when I don’t feel like her.

One major thing that really helped eliminate my self-criticism was appreciating what I was really good at. I’m at a point where I enjoy living my life by doing what I love and simultaneously building my strengths.

It’s not about what your past looks like, but what your future holds. Stop running the negative talk in your head and start celebrating yourself! 

Here are some gems that help with self-criticism:

  • Repeat positive affirmations to yourself and tune out any self-doubts.
  • Vulnerability is not a bad thing. It takes courage to take risks.
  • After you mess up,  learn from the mistakes and move on.
  • Progression before perfection.
  • The “Inner Critic” in you are based on things you went through in life, but it doesn’t define you.
  • May your badass light shine in places you want to grow!
  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • There is no room for it if it requires your peace, and that includes your temporary feelings.
  • You am enough.


Until next time,



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