Tradia With The Tea is a Fresh Face In The World of Broadcasting

A Native of the “Empire State” Tradia McCoy is a free spirited, fresh face in the world of broadcasting. Since graduating from South Carolina State University with a B.A. in Broadcast and Communications, she has already made her mark as a radio personality and correspondent for Streetz 103.3/100.5 in Charlotte, NC. I caught up with Tradia as she opened up about her career in media and the greatest lessons she learned as a radio personality. 


Tradia with the Tea, Radio Personality


What do you love most about news personality and when did you get passionate about it? 

TT:  “Great question! what I love most about being a news personality is the fact that I get to be myself. I’ve always been a very outspoken, funny individual that loved to report on topics that I am passionate about. I love the field in general because I get to connect with people from everywhere and it never feels like work! I get to talk to people for a living and that’s what I love most about my field. I’ve always had a passion for Radio & Television. It goes way back to my childhood days in elementary. I was a “Weather Watcher” and my daily duties were to report the weather and announce it live over our school’s intercom, so I guess its safe to say God blessed me with this gift.”

 What are the most important things to remember when you’re live and on air?

TT: “The most important things to remember when you’re live on air is to be yourself, always smile, and connect with your listeners. Get to know your audience and be relatable! Make your listeners feel more like family than strangers.”

Has a mistake ever led you to success?

TT: “Good one! For some, this is probably not considered a “Mistake” but to this day not utilizing internships in college was a mistake. Even though I was still able to find a job in my field without the internship process in college, I do feel like internships in college are important. I didn’t have the skill set you learn during school internships. It actually lead me to success because the radio station allowed me in after college without credit. This doesn’t happen often, but it lead to my foot in the door. If I could do it all over again, I would definitely make sure I utilize the school’s internship process.”

 Tell us a typical day for Tradia With The Tea.

TT: “A typical day for Tradia With The Tea is very productive lol. I’m up extremely early because I run the syndicated morning show “The Breakfast Club” on Streetz 1033/100.5
I also take the time to show prep my whole show while running the morning show! Everyday I am on the news / internet and popular blog sites finding stories I feel will relate with my listeners and also relate with the music we play. My midday show on Streetz1033/100.5 starts at 10am sharp! I spend that time on air talking to my listeners from 10am -2pm. On top of that, I am also the social media manager for two markets, so I handle all website and instagram posts.”

Who are some memorable people that you’ve interviewed in your line of work?

TT: “Comedian Lunell was one of my favorite interviews because it didn’t feel like an interview! she came with just herself and one other person. She didn’t come off stuck up or rude. She was like one of your favorite aunts. She kept things so real with me and she dropped so much black knowledge. It was inspiring.”

 What is the best advice you have for someone who is interested in a career in media?

TT: “My best advice for someone seeking a career in media is to make sure you can bring something to the table! Make yourself stand out for example. Prior to me landing my career job, I spent many long hours studying the craft as well as living in the craft. I would do local interviews. I would host events, red carpets, youtube videos and anything I felt would help me develop a name and brand for myself . In this field, they want you to be skilled in various positions, so make sure you learn as much as you can about the career field you are entering.”

 Name your greatest accomplishments in your business experience.

TT: “My greatest accomplishments would have to be when I was able to connect with the #1 urban radio show “The Breakfast Club” since running the morning show at Streetz1033/100.5 I told myself I wanted to actually sit and talk with them in person so I made it my goal to find their PR people or management and connect with them. One day they offered me the chance to visit them while at the studio. I got to stay the whole day and learn from Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha god,and Dj Envy. I turned a family vacation trip to New York to a business trip! Always utilize your time and resources!”

 What tool or object could you not live without in your workday?

TT: “LOL, I can’t live without my phone! haha I know! It’s such a millennial thing to say, but its true. Plenty of resources come from me surfing the internet or being all in celebrities’s  business! They don’t call me “Tradia With The Tea” for nothing!”

 What is your personal or professional motto?

TT: “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”- a motto that is very relatable to my life and everyday living!”

About Tradia With The Tea 

 Tradia has lent her hosting talents to a variety of events from community efforts that focus on service, to parties and red carpet galas with notable names and faces. Her career highlights to date include, interviews with reality TV stars as well as various celebrities, appearing as a guest on “The Real”, working as BET red carpet coordinator, and TV Correspondent for WCCB News Rising in Charlotte NC.

Charlotte’s newest (MIDDAY BAE) Tradia holds down midday’s in the Queen City from 10am -2pm on Streetz 103.3/100.5. Expect for Tradia to deliver the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news with her daily self produced segment “Juicy Tea Report” while also producing the nationally syndicated “The Breakfast Club.” 

While Tradia continues to set new goals and knock down new doors, she never forgets that service is in her heart, and magic is in her voice! 

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