Young Entreprenuer Lexi P. Empowers Teens Through Curlanista Natural Hair Line

When I was younger, I got teased about how big my har was and I did a lot of damage to my hair trying to fit in. My mom begged me to be myself and go back to my natural hair. I found that I actually loved it. Every girl deserves the chance to embrace her coils and unlock her true potential.’ – Lexi P.

Lexi P. , CEO of Curlanistas

What inspired you to start The Curlanista movement?

Lexi: “There are so many things that inspired me to create Curlanistas. I would like to share my top 3 things that inspired me.  The first thing that really inspired me to start my business was my love to help others. I was bullied and teased about my hair and I just hated it. I literally damaged my hair by sneaking to straighten it every day. I thought if I had straight hair the bullies would leave me alone. I wanted to build this brand to help other girls going through what I went through. I want them to not only love who they are but know that what other people say doesn’t matter. My message of self-love really motivates me daily because I know there is a girl out there that needs to hear my message and know it is okay. I teach Curlanistas to love their hair, but also care for their hair with my products. The second thing that inspired me is my family. My parents always tell my brother and I to dream big and reach high for our goals. They told us at an early age to both find something that we love to do and just go for it. My parents and entire family are so supportive they inspire me to go hard. The third thing that inspired me was Beyonce and Oprah. They are both  so strong, giving , intelligent and successful. I look up to them so much.”

As an activist to inspire young girls to love themselves, how did you overcome bullying and everything else you’re going through as a teenager?

Lexi: “I overcame bullying by learning to shut the negativity out and to love myself. I also learned when going through challenges is to never go through anything in silence. If its bullying, or how to study for a test, or what camp to attend, its always good to find someone you can trust to talk to. Sharing your thoughts and feelings helps a lot.”

 You did BeautyConNYC this year which is huge! What was that experience like and what did you learn from it?

Lexi: “OMG! BeautyCon was a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to go and it was truly an amazing experience. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share my brand on stage with Sally Beauty at the Sally Beauty Academy. It was great seeing people from all backgrounds come together, showing themselves self love and feeling confident. People were just free to be themselves, individualism and kindness was the vibe. The main lesson I learned was the power of human connection.”

What is the best advice you have for kidpreneurs and young girls your age who wants to start a brand or business?

Lexi: “Write your idea down and take steps each day to reach your goal. Don’t give up and make sure you work hard each day, even if its for 15 minutes towards achieving your goal. Also tell you parents or a teacher and get them to help you.”

What are some of your favorite products so far that you have created for Curlanista?

Lexi: “That’s a hard question because I really love all three of my products but my favorites are my detangler and Curl Custard. The detangler saves so much time when it comes to getting through knots and tangles. You can also say bye, bye to tears because my detangles softens and makes combing the hair so much easier. So many customers have written me saying how much they love our detangler. My Magic Curl Custard is also a personal favorite. I call it magic in a bottle because my curls never stop, they last all day long when I use my Curl Custard. If you want your curls to pop non-stop you need to try it.”

How was the journey from starting a product to now having them sold in major stores around the world?

Lexi: “The journey has been amazing, exciting and it continues. I learn something new  everyday and I love it. I came a long way.  I used to sell my products locally at pop up shops and salons. Having my product sold at Sally Beauty is truly a blessing. It took a lot of hard work. You have to be consistent and promote your brand. “

 What’s the best advice you’ve received while starting your business?

Lexi: “Put God first and pray through the process.” 

What do you love most about being a kidpreneur?

Lexi: “I have inspired so many other kids to follow their dreams. I have also helped girls feel better about themselves. My mom has gotten emails from parents and teachers saying how much my book has helped a girl in their lives. I love that I am helping others… that is the best feeling. “


About Lexi P.

Lexi P. is an author, independent publisher and sought-after motivational speaker. A young entrepreneur who overcame her struggles and learnt to love her own naturally beautiful coils, she is an advocate for building self-confidence and empowering teens to find self-esteem through natural beauty. Lexi P is a captivating speaker with a dynamic message that transcends audiences.

Lexi P is a recognized motivational speaker and award-winning teenpreneur. She has been featured on Good Morning Washington, Black Enterprise, V-103 Atlanta and Essence Magazine. She partnered with Verizon to promote youth careers in STEM and entrepreneurship and she is a member and mentor of girls through Girl Scouts of America. Her monthly journalsubscription shares motivational stories, insights into her many adventures and guides on how to build confidence and empower young girls looking to unlock their potential and pursue their dreams.


She is the author of The Ice Cream Talk: Loving The Skin You’re In and the widely popular Curly Girls Love Your Curls.

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