K. Samone Uses Her Talent Through Radio and Platforms

K. Samone’ is the media outlet, creating platforms allowing talents to expose their artistry, while rejuvenating all crowds of diverse genres with her sporadic personality. You can catch K.Samone’ at Radio- One Atlanta fulfilling her role as a Radio Personality  getting you through your 3rd shift Tuesday’s Nights from 2am-6am. I caught up with K.Samone and we discussed her journey in radio personality, overcoming challenges in her career, and gems on starting a business. 

KaShauna Williams  | Radio Personality

What do you love most about your line of work?

KW: “I love there are no limitations and I’m in control of how valuable I can be. I am able to learn and grow more than my job description, which makes me an asset. In every position you are replaceable, but the objective is to become valuable to the point that replacing you is a loss. Shall you do get replaced your value should be the set up for another position and/or opportunity. “


What is a typical day for you like?

KW: ” A typical day for me varies. I could actually be running around working like I don’t have breaks or it could be a day full of preparation, but I don’t think there are any in-betweens. No matter how my day maybe I start my day reading a chapter of the book I’m currently reading. I listen to a Sermon from Pastor Michael Todd, I may exercise and I say a prayer and I allow my day to flow. On an off day I need to do at least 3 productive things before I rest my eyes. I’m never bored it’s always something and it’s always something for me to work on.”


Has a mistake ever led you to success?

KW: “I don’t think people make mistakes, I believe that everything you do is a part of the ultimate plan. The things we consider to be mistakes are the lessons that we needed to get to the next stage of our process.”

Name some of the biggest challenges in your career and how you overcame them?

KW: “This is an interesting question for me because the challenges I’ve faced weren’t really challenges I just perceived them to be that during the time, but once I elevate my perspective changes. When I lived in Philadelphia working for Radio One Philly, you couldn’t tell me that my higher up wanted to see me grow, but I can tell you now, that was far from the truth. Because I wasn’t getting what I wanted or what I felt I deserved; I was refusing to embrace I was being taught what I needed to know to survive the business as a Woman and a Black Woman at that. I feel as millennials we make things harder than what they are intended to be. During that time, I had a conversation with Radio Legend Tiffany Bacon, and she told me to embrace what I didn’t want to do instead of rebutting because I’ll appreciate the experience and of course I didn’t understand it until my next journey in life. So, once you learn to appreciate where you are only then can you embrace where you are headed. So, til this day I’m learning to live in the moment and embrace what I don’t want to do because number one it keeps me humble and two life has a way of preparing you for what’s to come. You take away from the moments, which is time you will never get back, by focusing on what you haven’t done or where you are trying to be just simply by not enjoying the gift of that present moment.”



How do you deal with failures or rejections?

Rejections are a part of life with success comes failure. How do I handle it, I just never except “no” for an answer and I try again. If I don’t get a yes from one person you best believe I’ll get a yes from someone else. The key is to prepare for the “yes.” You ever heard the saying “You’ll will get one thousand “no’s” before you receive that one “yes” That is a very true statement. What’s for you is for you period. One thing that stays with me is the fact that as a people we are already the person who we desire to be we’re just on a journey of getting back to our destination. So, at the end of the day what is a “No” just a point of redirection or a detour.”


Name some of your greatest highlights in your career?

KW: “The greatest highlight of my career is watching it flourish and witnessing my circles change. Going back to being present and living in the moment the same people I either grew up listening to I’ve worked with or built a relationship with. I’m literally watching the stars align in my favor. For example, In college I orchestrated a meet and greet with Sevyn Streeter and I would see your again the 2nd interview for Radio One Philadelphia before getting hired, where she would vouched for me, and we remember our pervious encounter. My first radio job I’m working for Entercom and I had pleasure of working with Rotimi and 2 years later I’m in his music video Want More. I have a lot of stories like that, but my whole career is my greatest highlight because of the growth, the connections, and elevation starting my career at 16 years old to being 26 I’ve accomplished a lot and I’m always looking forward to what’s next.”     



What do you love most about being a radio personality?

KW: “I love connecting with listeners and being relatable. My journey is no different than the next persons. When I’m working a remote, riding in uber or lyft, attending events nothing makes my job more satisfying than actually connecting with people during personal interaction. So, when they hear me on the radio they can always connect it to the moment we had, which I believe is the most important thing in my career. I make it my priority to create memories with people and I do my best with remembering names. Having a personality and being a personality are two different things.”


What’s the best advice you have for someone starting a new business?

KW: ” Just do it. Don’t over think it and don’t get discourage. No matter how many people are doing what you want to do you have the uniqueness to thrive differently. K, Samone represents the lady with the Classy, Angelic, Sassy, Hook. Hook as it pertains to music  is the part of a song that catchy and memorable. The denotation of Hook would be unforgettable and notable. Everyone has a hook. My hook is my personality. What’s your hook? And once you figure out your uniqueness stay true to who you are and what you represent. Always remember to plan strategically and make moves that count.”


 What is your personal motto?

The person who forgets the ultimate, becomes a slave to the immediate.”


About KaShauna Williams


KaShauna Samone’ Williams BKA K. Samone’ vivacious and gregarious attitude is the perfect attribute for a young talent with an extraordinary personality that sparkles in front of a camera or behind a microphone.

Becoming a TV Personality and Producer for NNPSTV- Channel 47 winning numerous awards, trophies, medals and accolades allowed K.Samone’  to discover her passion and align a plan of action to success at the age of 16.

K.Samone  would use the skillset to produce and host her own  Award winning college radio show affiliated with Def Jam and Warner Music Group, at Alma Marter , Old Dominion University. The Accomplishments as college student caught the attention of Entercom inc  where she would be hired as a Promotions Assistant and Digital Media Director for Top 40 Station Z104’s Z Morning Zoon prior to graduating college.

Her Personality and Producer skills continued at Radio One Philadelphia fulling roles as the Female Station Voice for WPHI Boom 103.9 ‘s and Producer for WPHI’s Morning Show Boom Morning Flow along with WRNB’s 100.3 Midday show Work with Karen and WPPZ ‘s midday show Your Voice, with Awarding Winning Journalist Solomon Jones.

Her beguiling personality has opened the doors for her to work with many recording artist and Public Figures from Meek Mills, Chrisette Michelle, Chante Moore, DJ Baby Drew, Rick Ross, Wale, Young Chris, Mase, Joe Budden, Timberland, Sevyn Streeter, Pusha T’s Offical DJ, DJ Rick Geez, Dom Kennedy, Ty Dolla Sign, Reporter John Reed Producer Monty Ross, Rotimi and many more.  

Aside from being an On-Air Talent, Entertainer and Producer, you can now add Acting to her resume as she starred on TV One’s season 1 Crime Series entitled Thou Shall Not Episode 101 in 2017. This Lady’s road to riches is intriguing, watch her strut into success keeping her heels and her standards high.

“She puts the L in loquacious the Lady with Classy, Angelic, Sassy Hook. As it pertains to music, the hook captivates, the most memorable part of a song, as the denotation of hook is defined as notable, something unforgettable. Everyone has a Hook, mine is my personality! what’s your hook?



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