Hair Stylist Susy Thinks Outside the Box

Susy was born to be a creative. You have seen her work on Beyonce, Solange, and Zoe Kravitz which we know best as the “Lemonade” braids. As a hair stylist and media influencer, Susy who is also known as AfricanCreature , always thinks outside the box showing authenticity in her hair, her eccentric fashion, and her creativity that doesn’t go unnoticed. I caught up with Susy and we discussed her love for hair, running a business, and 3 things that expanded her business. 

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Susy| Hair Stylist and Influencer

Did you always love doing hair or was it a growing passion?

 Susy: ‘I loved doing hair. It was always a hobby and something that I did on the side. When I was 18 years old I was a home health aide and I got laid off, so I started to embrace hair more full time.

What did you want to be as a child?

Susy: I wanted to be a rapper/artist. I used to do some slam poetry and battles. I had a rap battle when I was in school and lost. That kind of discouraged me from rapping again. I think I’m going to wake up that dream again.

Which of your traits are you most proud of?

Susy: I am so proud of my resilience and dedication I have to whatever it is I am doing. When I start something I don’t quit. I also am not afraid to fail. I have failed plenty of times and learned from my failures that has made me who I am.

As the owner of HairBySusy, what’s the most important thing to do while running a successful business?

Susy: Your goals and numbers. We get so used to the creative aspect but the business part is very important. Accountant, Payroll, Service Providers, Rules , Regulations and etc.

Has a mistake ever led you to success?

Susy: Yes of course. I used to pay more attention to booking clients instead of paying attention to how much income is coming in and how much is going out. Now I plan with a coach to better help me in my business aspect.

 Name a professional challenge that keeps you up at night

Susy: One Professional challenge for me that keeps me up at night is taxes, numbers and the business aspect of it.

 Hair is art in many forms. What does it take to run a creative business?

 You have to have a mind of its own and think outside of the box. You have to have a solid team that can also think outside of the box. Once you have a creative mindset to achieve your goals you are going to need to expand your roles in order to reach your goals.”
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What do you like to do in your spare time?

Susy: I love to watch sermons, listen to music, write, dance, create hair for shoots.

What’s your most favorite thing about being a hair stylist?

Susy: My favorite would have to be the creative aspect of it, I love to create and make Hair art :).

 Name 3 things that expanded your brand in a major way.



About Susy


Susy (African Creature) is the founder/ CEO of Hair by Susy Corp and salon. She is the iconic hair artist best known for her Beyoncé Lemonade braids, Zoe Kravitz braids and always slaying Solange Knowles hair.

Hair By Susy Corp
1019 Hegeman Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11208

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